Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Kerry proves he's an idiot...again, Debate notes

America’s sole surviving Cambodian War hero - François Kerry – called for “public shaming” of people with brains.  On Meet the Press Francois told Chuck Todd that public shaming “was the most powerful weapon” to get other countries to comply with Kerry’s hare-brained scheme to fleece American taxpayers called The World Climate Agreement.

Public shaming is the perfect tool for shameless azzbags like Francois because it has absolutely no effect on them.   It’s like waterboarding Spongebob Squarepants.  It’s like sentencing Superman to a firing squad.  It’s like denying Michael Moore a shower.  It’s like throwing Br’er Rabbit into the briar patch.   Trying to shame a Demo-Dope is like telling Shrillda the Hutt that she has to wear a different color jumbo sized pant suit every day.  Trying to shame the shameless is a fool’s errand.

Francois tells us to publicly shame those who will not comply his unenforceable BS climate deal.  Okay Frenchy.  You have access to five mansions from the labors of your wife’s dead husband.  Sell four of them.  Donate the money to homeless shelters across America.  You Your wife’s inheritance just bought a yacht.  Sell it.  Donate the money to food bank.  You Your wife’s dead husband’s money bought you access to a private jet.  Sell it.  Donate the money to Toys for Tots.

Needless to say the public shaming will have exactly zero effect on this shameless arrogant hypocrite weasel.  That’s less effect than the tactic will have on the world’s two major polluters - China and India. 

Debate notes
I heard a sound bite from JEB! about tonight’s debate.  He said Trump would get clobbered by the Shrillda the Hutt in a debate on national defense.  So if JEB! fails to clobber Trump tonight what would that say about him?

The Donald will do what the Donald does.  When asked what he would do with ISIS, he’ll say, “You don’t want to know.  I’ll be so hard on them…”  With no real answer.  When pressed he’ll say, “I’ll hire the best people.”  Which kind of makes sense to me.  Given the breadth and scope of the American government and the world’s problems, you probably want a guy who is a good judge of character and competence who will hire well rather than a guy who thinks he knows it all himself.  We’ve witnessed that for the last 7 years.  Not only does he NOT know it all, he’s basically a clueless blockhead with jug ears.

Ted Cruz has the biggest opportunity.  He’s up to the challenge to take advantage of it.

Best advice I can give Cruz, Rubio and Trump is to direct their fire at the establishment candidates, JEB!, Christie, Kasich, and settle their own feud later.

That probably will not happen.  The big fireworks tonight will be between Rubio and Cruz.  Which will delight Trump.

Trumpites will storm every online poll and the Donald will declare himself the winner based on those polls.  It’s better to appear to have won than to actually have won.

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