Wednesday, December 02, 2015

PuP, 1,000s of cheering Muslims and Rubio vs. Cruz

Sadly, the photos probably tell you everything you need to know about the PuP shooter.  The word "crazy" comes to mind.

Planned unParenthood
A bit more on the CO PuP shooting.  I find it odd that there are not 24-7 reports in the MSM of all of the evidence of the Christian right wing leanings of the shooter.  The fact that there are no reports leads me to believe that there are no identifiable Christian right wing leanings.  To steal a plot from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; the MSM’s failure to report on the shooter’s Christian right wing leanings is the dog that is not barking in this case.

Trump on cheering Muslims
The MSM is in a frenzy to prove that there were not 1,000s of NJ Muslims cheering as the World Trade Center buildings collapsed.  That’s a tough sell because anyone with half a brain knows that there were.  Maybe they were not cheering on TV as the Donald claims, but without a shadow of a doubt – the ITF sympathizers and enablers were cheering.

How do I know?  Simple math.  25% of so-called “American” Muslims admit supporting jihad.  Because of the “it’s okay to lie to infidels” policy enshrined in this BS religion under the heading Taqiyya, you can be sure the actual percentage is much higher.  So Mr. and Mrs. MSM are there at least 8,000 Muslims in NJ?  If the answer is “yes,” then Trump is technically correct. 

What the MSM and the establishment Republi-Rat azzweasels don’t get is that Trump is where he is by being politically incorrect.  The rest of the politically incorrect unwashed masses know that the Muslim 5th column in this country was cheering 9-11.  Not on TV perhaps as Trump claims but there is no doubt in anyone’s mind the bastards were cheering.

Besides, if tree falls in the woods does it make a noise?  If the MSM chooses not to report something like a bunch of animals cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center, does that mean it didn't happen? 

I am convinced the Trump campaign is screen test for a new reality TV show called “How Far Can You Go”.  In it contestants are placed in setting where they have to say and do increasingly politically incorrect things.  If they are ever forced to apologize or are actually shunned by a group they lose.  Bombast and self-assurance will be critical for contestants who want to do well.

Each show will be opened with the Donald recounting one of his so-called “over the top” pronouncements that were sure to kill his campaign - like saying John McCain was not a war hero – then he will demonstrate how he turned the tables on the MSM and dumber than dirt Republi-Rat establishment to rise in the polls. 

When the “I saw 1,000s of Muslims cheering in NJ on 9-11” bit comes up on his game show, all Trump will have to say is, “I didn’t have to do anything.  Americans knew the Muslim 5th column was cheering.  It was only the despised PC MSM who wouldn’t admit it.  So they impaled themselves over and over again against the truth.  It was a wonderful thing to watch.”

So far, Trump has enough material for about 10 seasons of his new hit show.

No.  I’m not ridiculing Trump.  I’ve said from a start that’s just a bad idea.  I’m pointing out how masterfully he has played the least liked segment of America – the MSM and career pols – against Joe six pack.  I am a Joe.  I admire what Trump is doing.  I love to see the weasels squirm at Trump’s popularity.  Most of all I like to see the weasels get totally frustrated that the more controversial Trump gets the more popular he becomes, and there’s nothing the MSM or Caligula D.C. ruling class weasels can do about it.

Marco now the establishment candidate
As JEB! fails, Marco rises.  As Carson falters, Cruz rises.  That makes Rubio Mr. Inside (Caligula D.C.) and Cruz Mr. Outside (Caligula D.C.).   I think Cruz is best positioned to collect the Trump followers if/when Trump decides to launch his new TV show.  Rubio has the albatross of the “gang of eight” immigration reform around his neck.  It’s never a good idea to be on the same side of an issue as Chuckles Schumer before a Republican primary – particularly on an issue as important as immigration is during this cycle.

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