Thursday, December 17, 2015

All pols ought to be forced to self-fund some part of their campaigns

Here’s a theory that just popped into my cranium.  If Trump were where JEB!! is in the polls, Trump likely would drop out.  Trump is a business man and does not reinforce failure.  Since he is spending his own money, Trump is even less likely to seek his desired outcome in the face of long odds.

Because JEB!! is spending OPM (other people’s money) he’ll stick around until the free ride runs out – even if means humiliation of running at less than 1%.  Why not?  It’s free.  There’s also the revenge factor.  If JEB!! can hang around insulting Trump with no fear of falling any further in the polls because there is no “lower”, why not?  And trust me there are a lot of people who would pay good money to support a failed candidacy if the candidate would do their dirty work for them.

So one form of campaign reform would be that candidates have to self-fund some portion of their candidacy with some percentage of their net worth or of their campaign spending.  The system now allows the losers to play with house money for as long as they want.

I guarantee if failed candidates had to put up $20,000 of their own money every month they are in the campaign, two things would happen 1) the campaign season would be about 3 months long 2) When candidates like JEB!, Grahmnesty, Pataki, Gilmore et al saw the handwriting on the wall they’d get out faster than Chris Christie heading for the dessert table at a Sunday buffet.

Someone once said - money is the mother’s milk of politics.  That is the sole reason the establishment of both parties cannot stand Trump.  Trump has all of the milk he needs without asking anyone for a drop.  Thus there will be absolutely no way for the azzweasel establishment BS artists who are about to give us another omnibus spending bill of over 2,000 pages to control the Donald.  Trump has gone so far as to say he’d work for free if elected president.  He’d be a totally free agent and that Mr. and Mrs. America is what the azzweasels cannot stand.

But what really, really POs the establishment boneheads is that Trump has not spent much money so far on his campaign.  Establishment darling JEB!! has blown through 50 million dollars of establishment money to get to 3%.   Trump has spent next to nothing to lap the field two or three times.  That fact alone ought to be enough for people to get behind Trump and dump JEB!!

Sure it's a dopey idea that would make it impossible for average Joes to run for office.  But then seriously, how many average Joes are running for office?

Trump’s point made clear by VDH
If you think Trump is unhinged for wanting to go after the families of terrorists, read this piece by the totally hinged Victor Davis Hanson.  If this doesn’t make you think that there needs to be a price paid those in support of this murderous cult there will be a lot more murders by this murderous cult.

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