Monday, December 21, 2015

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Lindsey Gramnesty is out
Unbelievable!  Linds you’re at .05% on the cusp of .06 or .07%.  Why not stick around and collect 10-15 votes in IA?  I’d love to see him get the humiliating political azzwhippin he so desperately deserves.

Lindsey take Paulie walnuts with you
There is a movement afoot to primary Dope in Rat clothing Paulie walnuts Ryan.  If a viable candidate is found, I’ll be sending in ten hard earned Yankee dollars.  The only thing that would better than this hipster getting his too cool for school azz kicked in a primary would be getting his azz kicked literally and his mug scrapped with a razor used to shave the scrotums of vasectomy patients.

Allen Simpson dumber than his brother Homer
Former WY senator Allen Simpson said Ted Cruz should be removed from the senate for calling well known liar Mitch McConnell a liar.  The ancient ex-senator offered no opinion on what should happen self-confessed liar Harry the roach Reid.  I suppose Al would jump anyone who called the liar a liar.  Allen Simpson is exactly what is wrong with the Republican Party.  My hope is Cruz will tell Al to go to hell.  Al is a Rat establishment BS artist who for some reason will not STFU and go away.

Morning Joe run by racists
Mika Brzezinski, from the Morning Joe show, asked Rick Santorum why he isn’t “working on white men” when it comes to mass shootings.  Nice racist BS statement Mika.  White men are not the problem.  Why not work on the black on black gun crime in every major city in America run by a Dope mayor.  Chicago, Baltimore, NYC, Caligula, D.C. etc. etc.

Sams Club run by racists
Sams Club’s chief racist and CEO Rosalind Brewer said she rather not work companies who have a preponderance of white men sitting around a table.  To hell with the content of their character, it’s the color of their skin that counts with Brewer.  Well okay then.  I’ll take my honky azz on down to Costco.  A bunch lefty Lib to be sure but so far they haven’t said they don’t want my business.  Hey maybe Mika and Rosalind Brewer can get together and compare their racist notes. 

I’ve said this before – black seem to me to be the most racist least tolerant people around.

White privilege
Okay whitey get screwed in affirmative action.  Gets shredded by lies from Mika.  Gets their preferred customer cards puled by a racist CEO at Sams Club.  So what’s the privilege?  Oh paying for everything.

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