Thursday, December 10, 2015

College kids versus college men

The last bastion of true student athletes in major college sport are the academies.  This Saturday the Army and Navy football teams will clash in Philly.   While pathetic college age punks all across the country are demanding "safe spaces" so as not to wilt under the intense pressure of having to be in the presence of someone who does not agree with them on such important issues as what Halloween costumes are PC and which are not, many of the men taking the field on Saturday will be but a few months away from calling a well-constructed fighting hole their “safe space.”  While many college punks will be running from everyone challenging their warped view of the world, these men will be running toward real danger and the sound of the cannon. 

There is much wrong with the juxtaposition between the dirt bag college kids marching across campus demanding that no one ever confront them or their BS ideas and the military men marching across the tarmac to catch a flight to confront the world’s thugs.  If you walk on most campuses these days you’ll find yourself in the presence of pitiful, self-centered, crybabies of the highest order.  When you walk on one of the academies you walk in the presence of greatness. 

It’s too bad the next time some of these snowflakes occupy a university president’s office because of a perceived lack of attention to the crisis of the day that the sidewalks on campus are too white forcing students of color to walk on the grass, they should scooped and dropped on a firebase in Afghanistan for a month to hang out with real men.    

Good luck to all the men who take the field on Saturday.  Better luck to them on their assignments after the academy.  And as always in this situation: GO NAVY!

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