Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stupidity and arrogance: A Dangerous combination

Riddle me this Batman, the sail eared knucklehead occupying the Rainbow House – the same sail eared knucklehead that called ISIS the JayVee team – now tells us he is going to vet Syrian refugees coming into the country.  And why shouldn’t we believe him?  After all, with the exception of everything The Empty Suit and his administration has touched, commented about, held an opinion on or issued a policy on, he’s been consistently right about everything.  His red line strategy with Assad in Syria has worked brilliantly.  ISIS has been contained in the exact same way that there isn’t a smidgen of corruption in the IRS.  If the facts refuse to support your asinine claims, make up your own facts.  So why would anyone worry about 10s of thousands of Muslim “refugees” coming into the country from an ISIS dominated area after ISIS has warned us that they will infiltrate the refugee population that for some unidentifiable reason is dominated by young military age men?

Now as far as the vetting process, The Empty Suit’s own administrators have said that there is no data base to vet the Syrian Islamo-Terror-Fascists against.  There are no Syrian records.  There are no Syrian police or government officials with which to consult on the issue.  So TES’s vetting plan pretty much boils down to the one question government form shown at the top of the post under.  TES’s entire vetting process given what we are able to verify about the Syrian ITF, should take about 10 seconds. 

The Empty Suit claims that the vetting process is going to be so thorough that it will take between 18 months and two years.  So how is the sail eared knucklehead going to move 10,000 refugees into the US this year?  Is he using the same math skills that got him to a total of 57 states?  With an 18-24 month vetting period, wouldn’t the first refugees start to arrive a bit after TES is gone?  Given TES’s own thorough standards, why are refugees already being to be admitted into the country?

Well like everything else with this azzwagon, he’s lying about the very problem that he created.  He calls Republicans scared of women and 3 year old children.  GOP weaklings ought to call the $h!t smear out.  Call him the weak feckless runt that he is.  TES this entire problem is one of your own making.  You issued the red line.  You got rolled on your own policy by Assad because he’s smarter than you.  He’s more determined than you.  He’s nowhere near as arrogant as you.

Americans are faced once again with what an utter moron they voted for.  We keep hearing about how brilliant TES is.  Well ask yourself this one question, if you were brilliant would you have your college grades sealed?  I’m a dumbazz.  I tell everyone I know that I’m dumbazz so that when I suggest driving across the swollen creek, they will stop me.  God only knows how many times I’ve been saved because everyone I know knows I’m not the brightest bulb in the series so they step in to save me from myself.

TES is by far a bigger dumbazz than I am but will not admit it.  He hides his stupidity behind sealed university marks.  It’s not even the marks I’m worried about.  Given TES’s history of affirmative action pass throughs, I’m sure he was an A student.  What his records are more likely to show is that Lex’s communications degree from The OSU was likely a far more demanding course of study than anything TES achieved in his worthless Ivy League career.

Being a colossal dumbazz is one thing.  But combining TES’s historic stupidity with his gigantic ego and arrogance make this stack of excrement the vilest creature wasting God’s gift of oxygen on this green Earth.   No, that’s not overstated.  Thanksgiving is upon us, and I may declare my 10,000th kinder and gentler period, but not today.  Today I do not believe TES’s dangerous combination of stupidity and arrogance can be overstated.

Victor Davis Hanson exposes O'Really here

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