Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Give Oregon back to Oregon

If you’d like to know what the standoff in Oregon is all about you need look no further than the map above.  The federal government controls over 53% of the land in OR.  That’s it.  The standoff is no more complicated than that.  OR is more Caligula, D.C. than it is Oregon.

Having the federal government as a neighbor is probably like living next door to the Simpsons in that there is no accounting for the foolishness that occurs day in and day out on the property headed up by thoughtless, self-absorbed, clueless, ignoramuses.

I cannot say what happened with Hammonds that set this entire event in motion.  Backfires admittedly set by the Hammonds that burned federal property and an accusation by the feds of poaching led to jail time for of the Hammonds.  I do know the Hammonds were sentenced for those crimes, served their time and were released.  Now another fed judge has ordered them back to prison because the original sentence did not meet federal minimum sentencing guidelines. 

Sounds like BS to me.  The court had over a year in the case of one of the Hammonds to discover the mistake and correct it.  It was only after the Hammonds refused to sell their land that "the error was discovered."  I suspect the government is up to its neck in BS in this case.  I’d be interested in the percentage of cases where fed mins were not met and the released criminals were then rounded up, resentenced and sent back to jail.  I’d suspect it’s pretty damned small.

Now lefty Libs have their shorts in a wad and are calling the men occupying a deserted federal office in OR terrorists.  YGBSM!  No I’m not.  The exact same group of morons who supported rape camps, defecating on police cars, shutting down businesses during Occupy Wall Street are calling a dozen or so armed men in OR terrorists.  The same group of azzbags who to this day insist the “hands up don’t shoot” BS lie is justification for burning the town down in Ferguson, MO think the guys in OR are terrorists.  The same completely ignorant group who thinks it’s OK to murder, burn and loot in Baltimore, MD because a black thug got thrown in a Paddy wagon without a seatbelt are calling the guys with cowboy hats terrorists.  The same group who refuse to call Islamo-Terror-Fascists terrorist preferring instead terms like “workplace violence” or incomprehensible BS term “man caused disasters” call the guys in OR terrorists.  The state employees who played hooky to cause millions of dollars of damage to the Wisconsin State House were hailed as heroes by the lefty Libs.  Yet they call the so far peaceful occupation of an unoccupied government office in OR terrorism.  BS.

I am, as a general rule, for the strict adherence to the rule of law.  That sentiment is tested a bit when anyone shoves a sharp stick deep into the eye of an onerous, overbearing and ever tyrannical federal government.  I think the best course of action is for the occupiers is to declare victory and if possible disappear one night.  Force the feds to round them up on private property. 

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