Monday, January 11, 2016

Unable to deal with real world problems TES will make up his own

The world is on fire.  Islamo-Terror-Fascists, the world’s despots and our former friends all know that The Empty Suit is a shallow know-nothing boob.  Because boobulus maximus is so totally ill-equipped to deal with the world’s real problems, as always, expect him to create a few strawmen he can knock down in tonight’s SOTU show.  He’ll well up with tears for the victims of gun violence while lying though his azz about gun violence statistics.  Yu can bet SFB will not shed a tear for Border Agent Brian Terry or 1,000s of Mexicans killed by the untraceable weapons nit wits in his administration gave to Mexican narco-terrorists.  Don’t expect a tear for Kate Steinle gunned down in a sanctuary city by an illegal alien.  Don’t expect a tear for the Benghazi dead killed by this administration’s criminal incompetence.  TES will whine about gun control in the SOTU show, because dealing with the world’s tyrants is just too tough for this total…oh what was it Ralph Peters called him?

SFB cannot kill Islamo-Terror-Fascists but he can argue at the SOTU to let them go from G’itmo and invite 10s of thousands of potential Syrian ITF into country.  Vetting schmetteting, don’t worry.  What could go wrong roving rape gang or something?  Come on that’s racist.

The Rainbow House has released a statement that there will be an empty seat next to Moochele in her box at the SOTU show.  The seat is supposedly left empty to remind us of all the people not able to see the show due to gun violence.  That’s not true.  It’s being left empty so Moochele will have bit of extra room to squeeze her extra wide hectoring azz into the box.

To offset TES’s BS move the Republicans will do nothing.  There’ will be no empty seat for Brian Terry or one of the Benghazi four.  Republicans should adopt a WWTDD – or What would the Donald do -  attitude to deal with BS.    

Oh hell no.  I won’t watch one second.  Why?  First off TES is lying creep.  The entire thing from start to finish will be BS laden with more BS.  He might even throw in an “If you like plan your healthcare plan, you can keep your plan. Period” for old time sake.   You can expect some BS lies on global warming.  Expect a “that’s not who we are” line for anyone disagreeing with TES’s insanity to allow ITF mass rape gangs into the US.   If that’s not who we are that is who we should be.

Mostly I won’t watch because I cannot stand an arrogant know nothing.  TES is the king of the arrogant know nothings.

For fun cunt the number of time boobulus refers to himself.

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