Monday, January 25, 2016

Anti-Trumpers desperate; roll out the children

There was an anti-Trump screed from an area 6th grader in Friday’s Ft. Wayne Urinal Gazette.  I thought, great a paper with an editorial staff whose collective mentality is that of a 6th grader is now actually turning its editorial page over to 6th graders. Perfect. 

I don’t fault the 6th grader.  He’s obviously a parrot being used by adults – his parents and the Urinal Gazette.  They are probably thinking they can get this in and no one will take the young man to task.  Well I took a swing at it without calling the young man any names.  Yes I know, a first.  Here the response:

Seeing the editorial from the 6th grader in Friday’s paper reminded me of the time I came home unexpectedly and caught my 6 year old Blue Heeler mix at my laptop.  He looked up and took off his glasses.  He coolly picked up his cigarette from the ashtray and took a long drag.  Then he blew out a big ring of smoke, leaned back in my swivel chair and with his paws placed behind his ears, which pulled the visor he was wearing back on his head, looked at me and calmly asked, “What?”

Maybe there’s a future for that young man on JG editorial staff.  Get him quick though.  In a couple of years he’ll be way too smart for the position.  Case in point.  Did any of the JG’s alert editors catch the glaring error in Erik Wemple’s piece on Saturday?  Wemple referred to Media Matters for America as a “conservative media-policing outfit.”

You cannot be serious.  Even my dog knows MMFA and its founder David Brock are hatchets and bomb throwers for the far left.   For clarity, how about: “Media Matters for America, a left-wing media propaganda outfit, run by leftist loon and Clinton bootlicker David Brock”?

Oh, as it turns out my dog isn’t that smart after all.  When I looked at what he’d typed, he had just parroted a bunch of stuff he’d heard around the house.
JEB!! lands key mom endorsementwell if you can’t get your own mom’s endorsement, then what?
JEB!! gets another key endorsement – his mom.  YGBSM.  No.  I’m not.  JEB!! has an ad out with his mom telling us how great he is.  It’s uncomfortable for me to watch.  I voted for the guy 3 times and think in another age he’d have made a good president, but what does it mean when you roll your mom out to say good things about you?  Was Bob Dole tied up at the sing along at the home?  It’s embarrassing.  He couldn’t find anyone else to say nice things about him?  YGBSM.  Oh I’ve already said that.

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