Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump dumps Fox for Wounded Warriors

Good for him!  Trump took Lex’s advice and dumped Fox.  I wasn’t going to watch the debate even before the Donald gave Fox the finger.  Now I’ll try to find whatever Trump is doing on TV instead of the debate. 

I was sealing grout on the kitchen floor last night and Fox News Special Report was on in the background.  During the All Stars section of the show three people who said Trump wouldn’t last three weeks in the race – Krauthammer, David Gregory and Steve Hayes -all said Trump was BSing everyone and he’d have to attend the debate.  They probably all dropped their glasses at the white wine and cheese party when they got the news that Trump told Fox to go pound sand last night.

The smart money would be for none of the other candidates to say a word about Trump not attending.  They won’t take the advice.  My man Cruz is already piling on indicating if Trump is “afraid” of Fox how will he be able to deal with the world’s tyrants?  Well, there’s another way to look at this.  Trump has again literally and figuratively separated himself from the field.  Who looks weak: the 7 who show up rings in nose when Fox tells them, stand where Fox tells them, talk when Fox allows them and stop talking when Fox tells them to or the ONE  guy who says, “You know what, screw this.  We’ve already done 6 of these stupid things and won every one of them.  I’m going to go raise money for Wounded Warriors.”  If Shrillda the Hutt pipes in, all the Donald has to say, “You won’t even go on network’s Sunday talk show for 10 minutes let alone a two hour debate ya sow.  You ought to try it before they throw your ample azz in prison.”

Idiot Kelly actually said on her show while going wall to wall with Trump’s announcement, that Trump can’t control the media.  FLASH! FLASH! FLASH!  Trump has controlled the media since he announced.  She cannot be so stupid as to not see the irony of that statement while she spent every second of her show talking about Trump.

Then some genius chimes in about Trump not being able to reach undecided voters in Iowa 4 days before the vote.  If they are still undecided – seriously who wants them?  They’re idiots.  Besides trump isn’t going to be home watching a TMC movie on Thursday night.  He’s going to have something huge going on.  Maybe bigger than Fox.  The tune in rate to see what will be big.

Has anyone considered this, Trump is playing long ball for the general election?  By telling Fox to get bent he’s going to create an opening for himself with CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC et al.  They will all want the Donald to drive ratings if Fox doesn’t.  Nothing will look better to a disaffected leftist toad than someone who got the better of Fox.  Shrillda the Hutt and other Dopes will not be able to trash Trump as a right wing fanatic – one because he isn’t but also because shoving a sharp stick into Fox’s eye very publicly proves it.

Oregon Stand off - one dead - another dead American on The Empty Suit's watch
Answer this question:  Why is it if you shower, grow beard, wear neat clean clothes including a cowboy hat, carry a gun in the open and occupy an otherwise unoccupied government building in OR you’re called a militia, but if you’re a filthy unshaven low-life occupying a college president’s office by force, shutting down rush hour traffic in a metropolitan area, or raping women in an OWS settlement you’re called a protester?

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