Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trump killing someone on 5th Ave

Donald Trump joked – I think – that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave in NYC and not lose any votes.  Well for me it depends on who he shoots.  Aggressive panhandler 3 pts.  Purse snatcher 5pts.  The NYC mayor 10,000 pts.

Now Demo-Dopes being the humorless bunch of sourpusses that they are claim that Trump has so little regard for his supporters that he claims they will support a murderer.  Well many look at Benghazi as murder or at a minimum manslaughter by criminal neglect.  Common sense gun control advocates know that you should not give guns to Mexican drug cartels, but that is exactly what he Empty Suit’s DoJ did.  As a result 1,000s of Mexican citizens have been murdered along with US Border Patrol Officer Brain Terry.  Not one Dope gives a $h!t when a young lady is gunned down in San Fran when the perp is an illegal alien.  People with brains can look at any of the major cites run by Dopes – Chicago – and see scores of people being shot dead in their own streets on any given weekend and nary a word of concern from the Dopes who are shocked, shocked I tell you by The Donald’s joke. The fact that none of the Dopes or their MSM lapdogs ever mention any of these very real events when talking about Trump’s joke demonstrate once and for all for anyone who is interested that the Dopes couldn’t care less about the little people getting gunned down in America.   

Here’s one take from a Brit on Trump's popularity.  It’s hard to disagree with any of it, but it doesn’t go far enough.  The real foundation of Trump’s support is a corrupt, overbearing, onerous and incompetent government.  Fast and Furious, IRS targeting of conservative groups, VA killing off the very people the organization was founded to serve, on warrant John Doe investigation of law abiding citizens, and this morning we find out the organization that uncovered a criminal enterprise that was selling dead baby parts has been indicted for the tactics used to uncover the criminal activity.  There are no charges against the actual criminal enterprise for one reason – the criminal enterprise is Planned Parenthood and PPH is huge contributor to the Dope machine.  No one involved in the criminal activities listed above lost their job, was demoted or was even denied an end of the year bonus.  Lois Learner the bitch at center of the IRS’s illegal activity is going to live out her worthless life on a government pension. 
This is what Trump is tapping into.  The government can knock down you door in the middle of the night confiscate your belongings and destroy your livelihood just for being a Tea Party member and no get fired reprimanded or tossed in jail.  F**k the government.  To the extent Trump shares that sentiment – go Trump go.

Kelly V. Trump
I hope the Donald rents out Jerry Jones’ stadium in Dallas and skips the Fox News debate.  National Review has been 86ed as sponsor for its openly anti-Trump stance.  Kelly has used her show since the first debate as a one hour anti-Trump soapbox.  She’s every bit as tainted as NR.

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