Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Empty Suit last 2 hour BS session

I did not watch one second of America’s great arrogant douche droning on and on and on effortlessly transitioning from one line of BS to the next for 2 hours, but you cannot get away from his royal azzholiness on the news and the interweb this morning.

The one thing that caught my ear was that the excrement stick assures us that ISIS cannot disrupt the American way of life.  YGBSM.  King Dope does not have to stand in long lines and be nearly strip searched, groped by like an intern in slack jawed Billbo Clinton's White House then exposed to unhealthy doses of radiation because Islamo-Terror-Fascists want to blow us out of the air at every opportunity.  King Dumb$h!t lies through his worthless azz about “common sense gun safety” when ITF scum shoot 14 dead in San Bernardino and then attack a Philly police officer.  ISIS indiscriminately kill people and King SFB wants to grab your gun.  Here’s the bottom line Mr. & Mrs. American: ISIS and myriad other ITF fanatics HAVE ALREADY CHANGED THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE.

Only Caligula, D.C. swells can be so obtuse as to not have noticed.  Only when the Caligula, D.C. crowd are forced from their office by ITF murderers, forced to kneel and pledge their allegiance to a pedophile prophet or have their empty heads lopped off will this bunch of clueless idiots understand the truth about Islam.

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