Monday, January 18, 2016

Continue to co-opt Trump particularly on immigration

Since day one Lex has advised the GOP presidential field that the way to beat Donald Trump is to co-opt his issues and momentum.  Those who followed that advice to some degree still have viable campaigns.  Those who didn’t have pretty much been kicked to the curb.

My man Ted Cruz was performing the strategy brilliantly and then he went after the Donald for “his New York values.”  Not liberal New York values, or even New York City values, just New York Values.  The Donald crushed Ted on that line at the last debate. 

It was an unforced error Cruz didn’t have to after Trump at all.  He parried Trump’s birther allegation beautifully with his “the constitution has not changed since the Donald assured everyone my status as a US citizen was fine, but my poll numbers have changed.  Thus the Donald's attacks on me.”  Cruz is smart not to apologize.  Clarify and double down because most Americans know exactly what Cruz meant by "his NY values" line.

By example I worked with a French Liaison Officer once.  At an after-hours session one night I asked him what regular Frenchmen thought of Parisians.  His answer was spot on.  He answered my question with a question, “What do regular Americans think of New Yorkers?” 

So no apology.  When Trump brings up first responders running into burning buildings, respond with “and now they turn their backs on the elected mayor of NYC.”  Just keep marching.      

Co-opt Trump particularly on immigration issues.  The most important issue of this cycle is immigration.  If we do not get that right this time around nothing else will matter for the next cycle. 

JEB!! getting all of the important endorsements
After JEB!! snagged the coveted Bob Dole endorsement ensuring him of the ill-tempered RINO
nonagenarian vote, his campaign set about finding a US senator polling below 1% favorability nationally to throw his weight behind JEB!! giving him just the nudge his campaign needs to get it off the dime.  Way to go Lindsey Gramnesty. You’re doing a heck of a job.

Advice to JEB!!  If Bill Cosby, Packman Jones, Ted Bundy, Josh Duggar, Casey Anthony, Tonya Harding, Mike Tyson or OJ Simpson shows up wanting to endorse you – decline the offer.  You’ve been tagged as a “low energy out of touch loser.” Richard Simons’ endorsement would do you more good than Bob Dole’s or Grahmnesty’s.  You are just playing into the narrative of the low energy out of touch loser that has plagued you from the start with these low energy out of touch losers’ endorsements.

Good grief isn’t there anyone under the age of 90 who doesn’t get booed in their home state that can stand up for you?  How about your old man?  No.  Wait.  He’s over 90.

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