Thursday, January 21, 2016

Good news Rat Republicans want a 3rd party - bye bye

George Will, who it is impossible to imagine working with a shovel or wrench in his hand, is hinting at a third party if the 2016 presidential race boils down to Trump V. Clinton.  Will, who loves baseball but probably can’t hit, throw or catch one and would need to stop to catch his breath, loosen his wingtips and take a sip of fine chardonnay while trying to steal second, is an effete Rat establishment Republican.  He doesn’t give a crap about the party when Tea Party candidates knock the crap out of Rat Republican ruling class bastard in a primary.  But when the establishment candidate wins he opines that we have to unite behind the nominee for the good of the party and to stop the Dopes.

Then when the Rat establishment Republicans get to Caligula, D.C. they are immediately co-opted by the Dopes to pass and fund every single thing that The Empty Suit and the Dopes want.  When they control the House, the Rats complain that they can’t do anything without the senate.  When they are handed the senate the Rats whine that they can’t do anything without the White House. 

Odd.  The entire constitution is set up on a system of checks and balances.  Only weak kneed Rat Republicans like Pauly Walnuts would argue that he has to control every branch of government to stop TES.  That’s not how it’s supposed to work Pauly.  You’re supposed to grow a nut sack and pass legislation and if TES vetoes it so be it.  You’re not supposed to fund unconstitutional presidential edicts.  You’re not supposed to roll over and play dead because you don’t have all 535 seats in congress and a Republican president.

You watch, if Trump or Cruz wins the presidency Pauly and his Rat establishment Republican buds will be far more obstructionist toward a president of their “own” party than they ever were toward TES.   Pauly has already signaled as much.  When Trump said he’d ask for a temporary suspension of Islamo-Terror-Fascists entering the country, Pauy said “That’s not who we are.”  Well at this particular point in time that’s who we need to be.  Pauly and the Caligula, D.C. establishment ruling class swells don’t care how many Americans get raped and murdered at the hands of ITF bastards as long as they look more tolerant than the average Mr. & Mrs. America.

Uh oh.  Key JEB! supporter Bob Dole prefers Trump over Cruz.  That gives me confidence that I’m in the right camp.  On the other hand Whoopi Goldberg has indicated that she’d leave the country if Trump were to win the presidency.  Well that’d be a twofer if Trump wins.  Mark Levin is solidly in the Cruz camp but he’s off set by the unhinged moral scold Glenn Beck.

My hope is that Will and other establishment azz kissers do start a 3rd party.  They could call themselves the copper party.  Their symbol could be a piece of 20 gage copper wire, because a piece of 20 gage wire can be easily bent into whatever shape someone wants to bend it.

Army no longer looking for a few good men – actually they never were that was a Marine ad campaign
The Army is thinking about taking the “man” out of job descriptions.  So infantryman is going to become what?  Hell forget about infantryman what are they going to call a “woman” or “women”?  And - oh the humanity - what in the world do we do with the word "human"?  ISIS has to be laughing their collective azzes off.

Speaking of twofers
The water in Flint, MI is supposedly poison.  Does that make Flint the perfect location to ship unvetted Syrian Islamo-Terror- Fascists (aka refugees)? 

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