Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oscar is so white, so what?

I don’t go to the movies very often.  The last film I saw was the Bond movie. Here’s my review: Predictable and 20 minutes too long.  The fact that do not go to the movies very often and have not seen a single movie nominated for an award this year does not preclude me from commenting about the #oscarissowhite controversy.  After all The Empty Suit has droned on for 7 years now about stuff he doesn’t know anything about.

First off, like lefty lib college campuses being tagged as hotbeds of racism, isn’t it hilarious that the Mecca of lefty Lib bovine excrement – Hollywood – is being tagged as racist as well.  So let’s recap.  As we drive off to work this morning lefty Lib college campuses, lefty Lib Hollywood and lefty Lib major metropolitan areas are all under siege for being centers of racism.  Vote Dope and live in a 3rd world hell hole.

Yesterday was MLK day.  Shrillda the Hutt was in SC applauding the fact that the Confederate Battle Flag was nowhere to be seen at the state capitol this year.  What the pig in a pantsuit didn’t say – and no Rat Republican reminded the slug – was that Demo-Dopes raised that flag on the SC Statehouse lawn and a Rep Gov removed it.  Again it was the lefty Lib Dopes - who blacks vote for in the 96% range - who shoved a very sharp stick into the eye of a constituency they couldn’t get elected to dog catcher without and it was Republicans who are forever being called racists by the Dopes who removed it.

I’ve never understood why the Confederate Battle Flag was allowed to fly on any federal or state property.  It is a symbol of open rebellion. The ONLY reason it has been tolerated is because Demo-Dopes covered themselves in that flag for 50 years before the SC church massacre.  Like NPR, PBS and PPH the Confederate flag is wholly owned by white Dope pols.  That said, because it is now so reviled by all the right people, I’m thinking about getting one.  I put an NRA and a Catholic Radio sticker on my pickup.  If I added a Confederate flag somewhere, Id’ sleep safe in the knowledge that I was peeing off all of the right people as I made my way through Ft. Wayne.

So most of the people dealing in the grievance industry blacks, homosexuals, radical mostly ugly women, the LGBTAZMMB:GIWKKFCS community et al are all railing against the lefty libs. Weird.  Jada Pinckett Smith has called on blacks to break from “mainstream” culture.  Hmmm.  Some might argue that that ship has already sailed.

Somehow all of this has something to do with #oscarissowhite.  Blacks stars are calling for an Oscar boycott, because there are no black nominees for the second year in a row.  Okay, who should have been in?  Who didn’t rate? I don’t know.  I don’t watch any of it.  I do know if Rev? Al Not-So-Sharp-Ton is for something, it’s probably a good idea to get on the other side.  And I don’t know, if #oscarissowhite how about #nbaissoblack, #mathissoasian, #spellingbeesaresoindian, #hockeyissocanadain, #vodkaissorussian?

Last point, who wants to win the first pity award sure to be given to some marginal performance of some person of color next year.  And even if it is the best performance since Mel Gibson stared in Mad Max, the doubt is always going to be there because of the all of the whining.

Last, last point, I never liked these award shows and can’t remember ever watching one.  It’s a bunch of like-minded swells nominating each other for meaningless awards.  Oh yeah.  You think they mean something, name two of last year’s winners.  Other than a bunch of sore losers, who gives a crap?  Right now the losers are getting a lot more attention than the possible winners.  In that regard it’s just more of “let’s just give all of the boys a trophy” syndrome. 

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