Thursday, January 14, 2016

An embarrassment

There are a ton questions about the capture of two Navy boats in the Persian Gulf.  The idea that both boats went dead in the water at the exact same is a bit hard to believe.  The idea that the boats were patrolling around Farsi Island without an air reaction force on standby would be hard to believe. 

According the world’s dumbest man - lying, plagiarizing dumbazz slow Joe Biden – “The Iranians picked up both boats – as we have picked up Iranian boats that needed rescued.”  The Iranians “realized they were there in distress and said they would release them, and released them as ordinary nations would do.”

I doubt both boats “needed rescued.”  One needing rescuing would be embarrassment enough, but two boats needing rescuing at the exact same time is probably a lie.  If they did, why not radio for help?  Seems to me that a helicopter could tow a disabled boat to international waters until a coalition surface ship could “rescue” them.  Did the radios go kaput at the precise time the engines crapped out?  Now you’re talking power ball winning odds that those events would occur simultaneously on two boats.

Dumbazz Biden’s laudatory statement does not address the Iranians making a propaganda video of this naval humiliation.  That is NOT something “ordinary nations would do” when they are just helping out a boat (or 2) in distress.  Now this lying plagiarizing dope who is dumber than a fence post and was tasked to ensure none of the stimulus money was wasted has been put in charge of curing cancer.  I guess Homer Simpson was too busy.

Now as sad as slow Joe’s statement is, it is not as infuriating as America’s sole surviving Cambodian War hero - John Francois Kerry.  That azzweasel actually thanked the Iranians for seizing the two boats and producing a propaganda video.  This is the same azzbag who said that at least there was an understandable rationale for Islamo-Terror-Fascists killings at Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish deli before unleashing an ITF mass murder hell on the people of Paris.

I do not know why the Navy Lieutenant apologized on that video.  He may have been under duress.  If he wasn’t, court martial him.  Also if the boats were not under some kind of air cover, the Ops Officer and commander of the group should be fired.   The Commander of the 5th Fleet should be recalled to Caligula, D.C. and very publicly fired.  This kind of $h!t cannot be permitted to happen.  When it does, someone’s head needs to roll.

This entire episode is a total embarrassment from start to finish. Kerry, the 5th Fleet commander, the group commander and the lieutenant need to be fired.

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Anonymous said...

While we're at it, the CIC needs to be fired as well...