Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Empty Suit's gun grab pure theater

To say The Empty Suit’s theater piece announcing his extra constitutional executive actions to “control gun violence” was pure BS would make pure BS a tasty delicacy.  As has become the norm for this walking talking POS, his latest trampling of the constitution was a lie filled exercise in self-aggrandizement.   With the exception of once again demonstrating his disdain for the constitution, it accomplishes next to nothing.

Let’s just start off with the obvious.  If TES gave a crap about reducing the number of guns in America the very first thing he’d do is STFU about them.  There is a very obvious cause and effect between TES talking “gun control” and gun sales.  Every time this brain dead excrement smear starts talking about gun control/safety/violence, gun stock prices double, guns disappear from dealer shelves and ammo becomes scarce.  Faced with that truism, if TES truly cared about gun control/safety/violence and the number of guns in America, wouldn’t SFBs find someone else to be the front man for that enterprise?

Now nearly the entirety of TESs presentation was made up out of thin air stuff so easily disposed of it makes clear that TES, like nearly every other subject under the sun, knows nothing of what the teleprompter is telling him to say.

Gun show loophole.  That is supposedly where gun dealers go to a show and dump 1,000 of weapons to any Tom, Dick or Harry that wanders by without a background check.  There is no such thing as a gun show loop hole.  Any dealer who sets up shop at a gun show has the exact same obligation to do a background check there as if he’d sold the gun in his store.

The Internet loophole.  That is supposedly where anyone can go on line and buy a machinegun without a background check.  Same BS.  Any dealer selling online is required to deliver the gun purchased to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer for pick up there where the background check is done before delivering the weapon to the buyer.   

What TES wants is for all private gun transactions to be recorded by the government.  So if you pass grandpa’s old shotgun down to jr. you have to register that transaction with the feds.  When that happens Mr. & Mrs. America we are well on the way to a gun registry.  The first thing governments do when they want to confiscate guns is make sure the majority of them are registered with the feds.  That way they will know where to show up to confiscate weapons. 

Ted Baxter aka Billbo O’Really thinks more gun background checks are a good thing.  He cannot say why in that background checks do not prevent the types of gun crime King Douche says he wants to prevent.  It’s unlikely Al Capone’s gang would have submitted to background checks before getting the weapons used in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.  The only thing background checks are useful for is creating a government data base of gun owners.  Okay, I’ll admit it makes felons pay a bit more for hot weapons and the ability to avoid a background check.

None of TES’s BS would have prevented a single high profile shooting that had TES forcing tears for the camera.  He could not care less about violence.  If he did he’d tell people to do what one of the Republican presidential candidates (Rand Paul I think) advised in a debate, if you want to avoid gun violence move to a state and city run by Republicans. 

On any given weekend a score or more people are shot in Dope run Chicago.  No one cares.  Baltimore is leading the nation in murder.  No one cares.  Big city crime is such yawner.  Why?  Well these are Dope run Meccas.  They have been run and run into the ground for decades exclusively by Dope control.  The shooters and the victims are predominantly minos so there is no outrage as when a white cop kills a teenage thug who is trying to murder the police officer.  It’s hard – no - damn near impossible to get Revs? Al and Jesse to show up in one of these Dope manufactured inner city hell holes to demand accountability.  There no shake down money in that equation.  When the Crips are shooting the Bloods over Columbian heroin, it’s hard to blame whitey.

Here’s the bottom line.  There upward to 380 million guns in America.  Any effort to by the government to seize them or even seize any particular class of them will result in civil war.  I’ve noted this several times.  If Dope pols were serious about gun control/safety/violence there would be a national campaign led by the NRA to teach Americans proper and safe handling of firearms.  The fact that Dopes make the country’s leading gun safety advocates the enemy in this debate tells you all you really need to know.  Dopes don’t care how many kids get shot.  They want your guns.  To that end, the more kids that get shot the better.

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