Friday, January 15, 2016

Closing G'itmo will not make one bit of difference to Islamo-Terror-Fascists

According to The Empty Suit his brain dead Attorney General and his azz sniffing press secretary, G’itmo must be closed because it is a recruiting tool for Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Okay how were the 19 9-11 terror hijackers recruited  before G’itmo was ever opened?  Or the terrorists who tried to bring down the World Trade Center in 1993.  Or bombed the Kobar tower 1996. Or the 1998 Nirobi and Tanzania bombing.  Of course this exercise could go for a page and a half of ITF terror attacks on the US or US interests.  It could go on for ten pages if you took in the ITF attacks on the world.  As far as I know Paris has nothing to do with G’itmo yet they were attacked twice. How were those ITF recruited?

What TES and his BS administration don’t understand, or maybe they do and just don’t give a $h!t, ITF scum don’t give a crap about G’itmo.  It could be closed tomorrow and would not stop one terrorist attack and in fact, because SFB insists on letting people determined to kill us back into the fight, I believe closing G’itmo would be counterproductive and lead to more terrorist attacks.

But let’s just say for the first time in his slacker affirmative action pass through life ol’ SFB has stumbled onto and swerved into a correct answer unlike when his teacher had to change SFB’s 2 + 2 = 8 to the correct answer.  Let’s say G’itmo is in fact turning peace loving Mooooslims into murdering $h!tbags.  What the hell does that say about peace loving Mooooooslims?   What it tells us is that they are not peace loving at all.  They are nothing more than a murderous cult looking for an excuse to kill people.  If it’s not G’itmo it’ll be cartoons.  If it’s not cartoons it’ll be a false report of someone burning a koran.  If it’s not a false report of koran burning it’ll be an ad on the side of a bus.  And on and on and on…  A murderous cult will always be able to manufacture a grievance to – as John Francois Kerry notes – “justify” their murder.  They will continue until TES and is ilk say, “well we’ve tried everything else, if we want them to stop lopping our heads off and blowing us up in pizza parlors we’ll just have to submit to Islam.”  There ITF problem solved. Nope you’ll still have to submit to certain sect of BS murderous cult.

Sure TES can clean out G’itmo.  There’s no wannabe Gen or Adm that’ll tell him to get bent when sends down a release order for one of these murderous ITF cult bastards.  If there were, TES would have them relived and replaced with a yes man which are a dime per two or three dozen at the Pentagon these days.  So there’s nothing that can stop this irresponsible POS from returning the worst of the worst back to the fight to kill Americans and coalition service members.  But here’s the end game.  The next president can put ITF back into G’itmo.  So what SFB will do before he leaves office is give G’itmo back to the Cubans.

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