Friday, January 29, 2016

Debate and other things

Debate round up
Didn’t watch.  Well okay I watched this much of it: during a commercial break from the Blacklist I switched over and caught Ted Cruz delivering this line, “And I promise when I’m elected president I will repeal every word of Robertscare (aka Obmacare).”  That is the exact same line I have heard him deliver in the other six debates and it was enough to convince me the whole thing was a rehash.  So like all of the other debates, Cruz won.  I’m still a Cruz guy so take that with a grain of salt.

Looking at some of the outtakes from the debate on the interweb though, it’s clear Cruz did not get my memo.  Trump is clearly still living rent free inside Ted’s head.  Let it go and concentrate on sealing the border and keeping Americans safe.  Just out Trump Trump.

As always, much of the debate was apparently centered around the moderators trying get the candidates to attack one another or defend past positions.  I propose a New Day Debate.  To wit;  It’s a new day in America.  We’ve all held positions in the past that we’ve rethought or been swayed to a new way of thinking on.   Hell I used to be a Browns fan.  Tonight we will simply ask the candidates where they stand on the issues of the day TODAY.  No more long lists of what a candidate said ten years ago.  Things change.  We need to know where the candidates stand today.  Any candidate who brings up a past position or past statements of another candidate will be tazed repeatedly by Officer Wiggum.  At the end of the debate we will ask the candidates to sign a pledge that if elected they will unfailingly support their positions as stated during this debate for the duration of their first term of office.  Also, if a moderator’s question takes more than 30 seconds to state or contains more than two dependent clauses, that moderator will be removed, shackled, stripped naked and horse whipped in the parking lot.  That entire event will be shown to viewers on a split screen.   

You want to talk ratings!  Through the roof baby.  Can’t wait for Monday’s Iowa results and 5 candidates announcing that they are “suspending” their campaigns to “spend more time with the family.” 

If you’re a Global warming cooling change denier you’re a pariah, if you’re Holocaust denier with loads of oil money you’re cool and get to meet the pope
Use to be outliers like this were shunned.  Now you’re only shunned if you expose the fakery of global warming cooling change, own a gun, practice Christianity or support a conservative idea.  This despicable POS had meeting and exchanged gifts with Pope Homer not too long ago.  Where exactly is there any common ground between an honest pope and this moron?  Homer would have sent a much better message had he refused the meeting and released this simple statement, “Hell is real.  Many are on its wide path.”

AlGore proves global warming cooling change is a hoax
Ten years ago AlGore predicted the end of the world if we did not address global warming cooling change.  Rush Limbaugh heard AlGore’sstatement and was skeptical, so he devoted a portion of his webpage to a 10 year countdown clock on AlGore’s prediction.  For ten years the clock was in the corner of the page counting down. On Tuesday it hit 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds.  There was no comment from AlGore saying, “Well maybe it’s 15 years.”  No Emily Litella’s “Never mind.”   We’re all still here and in spite of the doomsayers the earth has mysteriously refused to cooperate with their BS weather models by not showing any signs of warming for nearly two decades now.  In celebration of AlGore’s stupidity, Rush released this cool YouTube video.

Doing the work American won’t do
There’s this story about robots harvesting lettuce faster than a train load of illegal aliens.  Can tomatoes, apples, peaches, peppers etc. be far behind?  This is all a result of an explosion in the transducer market.  I demand congressional hearings on the transducer market before we’re all put out of work! 

As result of this development, here are a few of the headlines we’re sure to see shortly:
Chamber of Commerce still demanding open borders for cheap labor to do the work that robots won’t do like…uh give em a second. 

UAW robot picketers block robot manufacturing factory run exclusively by robots demanding to organize all robot workers

Demo-Dopes demand voting rights and shorter hours and better working conditions for robots

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