Monday, October 05, 2015

Here's a common sense gun law: pass constitutional carry

Since the walking talking POS known on this page as The Empty Suit wants us to politicize the OR shooting I will.  America’s punchline, oh so slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden, pulled his head out of his azz long enough to issue a long line of gibberish on the 2nd Amendment.  This lying buffoon who once claimed that lifting 5 pages of a 15 page college term paper was a “footnoting error”, decided to weigh in on a subject he knows even less about than he apparently knew about whatever he supposed be writing about in college – guns. 

But never one to let his ignorance on a subject stand in the way of his opportunity to introduce azzbaggery into the conversation, the lying and - since he’s been congress his entire adult life we can assume - thieving slow Joe dove into the gun issue again. 

Recall brilliant Joe’s advice to his wife, if she ever felt threatened at home, was to unload her shotgun out the bedroom window and told someone else to unload it through a closed door not knowing who is on the other side.  Like every other subject under the sun, Biden’s knowledge about guns and home protection/safety is on the negative side of zero.

In his latest sign of genius, slow Joe told a crowd that the US Constitution does not guarantee anyone the right to own a “bazooka” or an “F-15 armed with Hellfire missiles.”  Fine, write a law banning those particular weapons from personal inventories.  I’ll gladly turn in my F-15 and Hellfire missiles.  (I will however have to stash my bazookas.)  This is the problem with the left on the issue of gun control.  They do not have a clue.  Therefore they are forever proposing laws that would not in any way prevent the very crimes that initiate their outrage.

You can almost bet any law proposed by the lefty Libs will target a weapon’s appearance rather than its functionality.  Previous gun law idiocy targeted things like pistol grips and bayonet lugs on long rifles.  Ah, that’ll put an end to the rash of mass bayonetings sweeping the country.  One idiot, conflating semi-automatic with automatic weapons, once proposed getting rid of all “automatic assault rifles” like the ones used in such and such a shooting.  You do not even know where to be begin to deconstruct the idiocy of such arguments.  The weapon used surly was not automatic and WTF is an “assault weapon?”  I suppose if you are being shot by it, by definition, it’s an “assault weapon.”  Other that, how is one to know?  

If you want “common sense” gun legislation here it is:
No more “gun free zones.”  Anyplace declared to be a “gun free zone” shall be required to provide armed protection for those entering their facility or have its azz sued off when something like OR, VA Tech or the Colorado movie shooting occurs.

Introduce gun training back into the schools.  Teach the next generation how to safely handle and shoot guns.

After a sufficient time has passed to ensure that the training has reached the masses, pass a nation-wide constitutional carry law.  An armed society is a polite society and changes the calculation of criminals when they cannot be sure who the “easy mark” is, or who might step in with a weapon in the middle of their azzbaggery.

Then strictly enforce gun laws to include mandatory sentencing for criminals committing crimes with a gun.

It seems to me that in 99% of these mass shootings the perp is suffering from some kind of know mental health issue.  There needs to be a serious conversation about keeping guns out of the hands of crazy people.  The problem there is that TES, slow Joe and 98% of the Dope party consider anyone who owns a gun to be “crazy.”

When the lefty Libs talk about “common sense” gun laws you can be sure of two things, common sense will NEVER enter into their thinking and any proposed law will not do one thing to prevent an event similar to the one that initiated the law in the first place.

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