Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shrillda the Hutt has made the MSM an offer they cannot refuse

Lois Learner is not going to jail.  The lying hag will live out the rest of her worthless days drawing a government pension.  Mr. and Mrs. America will pay Learner’s way for the rest of her days after Learner targeted them ahead of the 2012 election.   Then the old hag looked like a Mafia Don taking the 5th , claiming she did nothing wrong before lying about her e-mails being destroyed before she and the IRS were finally able to finish the job.

If you’re thinking that is obstruction, no it isn’t.  If you’re a lying thieving Empty Suit underling it is just the way things are done.  Remember it was the excrement smear himself who once said there isn’t a “smidgeon” of corruption at the IRS.  That line of BS caused a belly laugh nationwide.

Now if an under card worm like Learner can slip off the FBI’s hook, does anyone seriously believe the marquee whale - Shrillda the Hutt - has any hope in hell of ever being indicted for anything while The Empty Suit is running things?

Everyone will just continue to marvel at what a fantastic liar she is.  Her performance in front of the House committee reminded of scene in the Godfather.  After Vito Corleone’s son Sonny is killed on the causeway, Vito calls for a meeting of all the Dons.  At the meeting, Vito calls for a truce so that he can concentrate all of his energies on bringing his youngest son Michael back to the United States and “clear him of all of these bogus charges.”  Michael is accused of killing Don Sollozzo and a crooked police captain.  Vito and everyone in the room knows Michael did the crime. When Don Vito talks about “bogus charges” no one laughs out loud.    The men in that room responded to Don Vito the same way the MSM reacts when Shrillda the Hutt lies – total scilence.

I guess none of them wants to find a horse head in their bed.

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