Friday, October 23, 2015

Shrillda the Hutt is to the lie what Slow Joe is to the gaffe

Yesterday Shrillda the Hutt spent the day lying her way through the Benghazi hearings.  Don’t get me wrong.  I did not waste 10 seconds of my day watching any of it.  As the matter of fact I avoided any discussion of the lying toad’s performance on TV, and to be sure that is what it was – a performance.  All the web pictures of the old, old hag show the b*tch looking so ho hum, yawn, four dead Americans on my watch and you cannot touch me nanananan boo boo while she feigns concerns for the families of the dead that she lied to repeatedly.  Having not seen any of it, I know for a fact that the old witch was lying because that’s all the blister bag of pus is capable of – lying. 

I see this morning reading National Review that there was a “bombshell” – Shrillda the Hutt knew the Benghazi attack was not due to a video.  YGBSM.  That’s a bombshell?  Everyone with a brain – even the Hutt’s own defenders – already knew that.  Ah but there are several smoking gun e-mails to prove it this time.  Oh was there anything about the Loch Nest monster, Big Foot or the Easter Bunny being frauds in the e-mail so we can put those myths to rest as well?

I do not require the pig in a pantsuit to admit to lying to know fact certain that she is to lies what Slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden is to gaffes.  Slow Joe two blast and a garden variety slap Biden is a gaffe a minute machine and Shrillda the Hutt is a lie a minute machine.  It is so obvious that this old, old hag ought to be conducting her campaign from a jail cell that it ought to sicken anyone who has even a modest respect for the law and this once great republic that she walks free.   Alas, about 35% Americans and nearly all of the illegals do not care one bit about the Hutt’s criminal activities or it’s near continuous lies about those activities.

Now we learn that Joe the gaffe machine is hanging up his rainbow wig, storing the clown shoes and setting aside his red rubber nose for now.  He won’t be running for president because the window for mounting a winning campaign has closed.  This is what a total dumb azz this guy is.  The window closed when you ripped off Neal Kinnock’s stump speech in 1988 you lying thieving buffoon. 

Joe Biden is a crude POS who once bet woman who was getting the better of him in a debate on the rope line during one his 10 or so failed runs for the Dope nomination that he had a higher IQ than she did.  To prove the point, Joe made up a few degrees that he did not have.  The woman should have taken the bet.  Making $h!t up isn’t anything new to Joe, he still tells people he played football in college.  He didn’t.  He told people he ate in a diner in his home town that has been closed for years.   He maintains this “good old Joe” persona that is total BS.  The guy is walking talking POS. 

The fact that he’s been wrong about every foreign policy decision in his life time, been caught plagiarizing twice in his adult life, failed miserably in two previous runs for the Dope nomination, is caught making $h!t up on a daily basis when he’s not just saying totally stupid things has not diminished Biden’s opinion of himself one bit.

Arrogance and stupidity are a dangerous combination.  Those two qualities personify Joe Biden.  Still there was no doubt in Biden’s mind that he should be president.  It probably took someone compiling the 100 or so hours of his gaffes, lies and stupidity into a montage and making him watch it for a week before they could convince him that while he is in fact a genius, an all-American football player, holder of several doctorate and master’s degrees that he has not earned and the smartest man in any room he ever walked into the window of opportunity had closed for this cycle – unless Shrillda the Hutt is indicted.  Which, no matter the mountain of evidence compiled against her, will never happen.

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