Monday, October 19, 2015

The Donald does it again

I do not know how he does it.  The Donald issues a statement that is without dispute true, and all hell breaks loose.  He says the Twin Towers came down on GWB’s watch.  They did.  He did not say, GWB is responsible for the towers being hit.  He’s not.  With that JEB! takes the bait and is running so hard with it that the first mate has to pour water over the reel to keep JEB! from burning up the drag. 

Then Trump does his jujitsu and says his immigration policy would have prevented 9-11.  Now the debate is back to the Donald’s strong suit, illegal immigration.  The guy is uncanny.  As soon as it looks as if he may have to take out an ad or two to keep his name front and center, he says something demonstrably true but just a enough off-color to put the establishment pols’ shorts in a wad.   And the Donald is all the talk all of the time without spending a nickel.   

This 9-11 statement is akin to Trump saying he prefers war heroes who weren’t captured when talking about John McCain.  That’s another truism that no matter how crass people think it might be, in the privacy of their own thoughts about 95% say to themselves, “Well you know, he’s right.”  Dan Daily, Audie Murphy, Sgt York, Sgt Paul Smith, Jim Webb etc. etc. and…John McCain – ah, one of these things is not like the others.

Please do not get your shorts in wad.  It’s nothing disparaging about McCain.   He is a genuine war hero.  But face it, he’s famous for sitting in a Vietnamese prison, a fate I would not wish on anyone.  The others are famous for closing with and destroying the enemy by fire and maneuver.  There is a difference.  Trump has the guts to point it out.

Now it has come out that JEB! once opined that a “leaky immigration system” led to 9-11.  So Trump and JEB! agree.  The big difference is that JEB! sees the “leaky immigration system” as an “act of love.”  Trump sees it as a national security flaw.  Game – set – match to the Donald…again. 

My advice to the other candidates with regard to Trump since day one has been to co-opt him on popular issues and keep quiet about everything else.  Only Ted Cruz seems to be reading this page.

There is no striped pantsuit in the Shrilldabeast’s future
I’ll bet the Griffin’s next pay check that the Shrilldabeast doesn’t spend one day in jail for the 1,000 or so federal laws the old, old hag broke with her e-mail and server arrangements while at state.  We all know that laws only apply to the little people.  Let’s face it, anyone needs one of those “pods” shipping containers to pack a three day supply of her specially constructed pantsuits, ain’t one of the “little” people. 

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