Friday, October 16, 2015

Fixing the next Republican debate and a Nobel Peace Prize Update

Several Republican candidates are demanding that CNBC limit its upcoming debate to 2 hours.  The Donald and Ben Carson have indicated that they might not show up if the rules were not changed to accommodate an exchange of ideas rather than a contest to see who can hold “it” the longest.

That sounds reasonable.  The 3 hour CNN debate was pretty much unwatchable in the last 45 minutes.  Anyone who hadn’t had enough of the10 posturing gasbags after 120 minutes would probably enjoy being waterboarded.  I know there were 11 candidates on stage at the CNN debate, but we all know “our candidate” wasn’t one of the gasbags.

Predictably, Megyn Kelly and her go to JEB! boys Chris Stirewalt and Mac Thiessen used Kelly’s dump on Trump cable hour to call Trump a chicken and otherwise berate the front runner that they cannot make go away.  Flash to Kelly and her two sock puppet boys, JEB! is dead.  Get over it.  You can take solace in the fact that it isn’t even JEB!’s fault.  If his last name were Smith or Jones, he’d be better off.  JEB! is a Caligula, D.C. insider and is part of the problem.

As has been noted on this page a number times but worth another mention here, do we really need another Bush in the White House?  Is this great nation so wanting of leadership that we have to return to the same family over and over for leadership to fix problems in large part of that family’s making?  In Europe they call such an arrangement a monarchy.   In the Dope case the answer is: Yes they are so wanting of leadership that they have to return to lying, thieving, felon, rape enabling hypocrite for “leadership.”  The Republicans are in no such mess.  Sadly for the dump on Trump crowd, there is no need for JEB!
What really needs to be done in this next debate is to flip the field in the debates.  Instead of 10-11 candidates on stage for the primetime debate and 4 on the undercard, put the top four on stage for the primetime debate and the remaining 10-11 on stage for the undercard.

Here’s the problem with that.  Rat Establishment candidates don’t show up in the top 4.  The top 4 right now in Real Clear Politics national average of polls would be Trump, Carson, Rubio and Fiorina.  You have to go to 6th place before JEB! shows.  JEB!’s 6th place showing has a single outlier poll that puts him above 8% support at 10%.  But when Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham and George Pataki drop out all that support will rush to JEB! boosting his RCP average another .00001%.  Hang in there JEB!  Help is on the way.

Nobel Peace Prize update
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit runs that headline ahead of any news that demonstrates what a BS decision the Nobel committee made when it chose to bestow its most prestigious award on a waif empty suit that was even emptier then than it is now – if that’s possible.  So when a Doctors Without Borders hospital is bombed by the US, Glenn prefaces the story with NOBLE PEACE PRIZE UPDATE:…

NOTE:  The bombing of that hospital was a tragedy.  That said, welcome to war Docs.  “War is cruelty, and you cannot refine it.”  If you enter a war zone, no matter how noble your intentions, and something bad –dare I say “predictably” - happens to you, get up, dust yourself off and continue.  I hold no more outrage for what happened to the Docs than I do for the little kid blown away by a misguided ISIS mortar while dashing to the well to get water for the family.  In fact probably less.  The Docs have a choice.  The little kid doesn’t. 

But the latest Nobel Peace Prize Update over at Instapundit has to do with The Empty Suit leaving US forces in Afghanistan.  Not combat forces mind you – as TES has proclaimed combat operation in Afghanistan are over – these are just military forces left to train Afghans and combat terror.  Uh, scratch that.  Not combat terror, because as we all know the combat is over in Afghanistan – rather our forces will be there to vigorously purse terrorist and reduce their number through maneuver and kinetic action.   There, no combat in that description.  That description is totally in keeping with a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  It is also total BS.  So, will our stay behind forces receive combat pay?  If wounded, will they receive a Purple Heart or will it be categorized as “workplace violence?”

War is cruelty and not even a Nobel Peace Prize winner can refine it or change its character by refusing to admit he’s engaged in one.  In fact that refusal probably prolongs the conflict and thereby adds to the misery and cruelty.  Way to go TES.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

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