Thursday, October 22, 2015

Statistically, it's more important to drain the pool than lock your gun if you have a toddler around the house

The local fish wrap will only publish one letter to the editor every 30 days from the same author.  I've already sent them one letter this week.  I figure since the JG's BS characterization of Mike Huckabee as a racist was the target of the first letter, they'd never publish it.  Besides just letting the lefty clowns know that we're on to them serves a purpose.

So I've decided to give them another letter full about their stupidity regarding toddlers and gun safety.  Their idiocy can be found here.  Here's a logical response which may mean it is doomed.

Re The JG’s Furthermore article of Oct 17, 2015 titled An all-too-frequent preventable tragedy

The article’s first case of a toddler involved in the negligent discharge of a firearm was with a handgun belonging to a charged felon of two gun-related crimes.  A perfect case in point for the futility of “common sense gun laws.”  Criminals pick and choose which of society’s laws they will obey.

Next, the article points out that Christopher Ingraham “spent a few hours sifting through news reports” to find 43 shootings by toddlers 3 or younger.  He could have acquired a much better sense of the real dangers facing children four and under in about ten minutes by referring to the CDC’s Safe Child web page.   Guess what?  Drowning, poisoning, suffocation, falls, motor vehicle accidents and burns are all far more likely to kill or injure a child than a gun accident.  Gun negligence is not even listed by the CDC as a threat to child safety.

If Ingraham and the JG actually cared about toddler safety they’d devote their research and editorial space to water safety rather chasing the 1/10th of 1% of toddler accidents involving a firearm.

Last, Ingraham points out that gun-rights advocates oppose laws requiring guns to be locked.  While the NRA may oppose overreaching, uninformed, government bureaucrats telling Americans how to store their firearms, the NRA advocates storing weapons locked and unloaded until ready for use.

Back to the first case.  Do you seriously suppose that the charged felon in that case is going to care one wit about a law concerning the safe storage of his firearm?   The NRA advocates laws that, if convicted, would require that man and any other criminal caught using a gun in a crime to serve a mandatory 5 year sentence.  Why isn’t that “common sense gun control?”  Because such laws target criminals not law abiding gun owners.

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