Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Politics not as usual

CNN’s approach for tonight’s Dope debate
During its Republican debate, CNN fashioned questions to get the Republican candidates to attack their front runner and each other.  During tonight’s Dope debate, look for CNN to have a change of heart.  Tonight CNN will ask the Dopes questions fashioned to get them to focus their attacks on Republicans rather than their lying, thieving, rape enabling, pig in a pant suit Dope front runner and each other. 

The Dope’s candidate controversy
There is a quarterback controversy at The OSU.  JT Barret is a quick, accurate and able field commander.  Cardale Jones is the big guy with a cannon for an arm who led The OSU to a national championship.  In the game of football such a situation where two guys vie for this particular position is called a “quarterback controversy.” 

It is the only position in football where there is controversy over competition or shared playing time.  On defense there are wholesale player changes on nearly every play depending on the down and distance.  No one ever says, “There is a down lineman controversy,” with a team who brings in lighter quicker guy to rush the passer on 3rd and 8.  There’s never a “linebacker controversy” when the defense yanks a linebacker in favor of a 5th defensive back in the same situation.  There isn’t even a “running back controversy” when the speedy scat back is replaced by the 270 pound pile driver on 3rd and 1.  Heck both sides nearly change entire line ups on 4th down and no one bats an eye. But let a new quarterback come into the game to run a series or two in the 2nd quarter and there is an instant “controversy.”

You can bet that whoever is under center (an obsolete term to identify the QB position for most college teams who now prefer to run their offenses almost exclusively from the shotgun or pistol) the crowd and armchair QBs will be calling for the other guy to lead The OSU’s so far under preforming offense.  When Jones is running the show the fans know that Barrett’s speed and quickness are what is needed.  When Barrett comes in, and things don't go as well as hoped for, the fans know instinctively that Jones’s size and power are what the team needs. 

Tonight’s Dope debate sans the epochly slow Joe two shotgun blasts and garden variety slap Biden will create a “candidate crisis” for the Dopes.  Right now the slow one is a favorite among beleaguered Demo-Dopes precisely because he’s not in the race.  Were so Slow Joe you gotta have an Indian accent to run a 7-11 Biden suddenly decide to get in the race, becoming just another old tired white face in the crowd, in about two days his absolute stupidity and arrogance along with an uncanny record of being wrong on every single serious issue in his lifetime of politics will have the Dopes thinking, maybe a lying, thieving, rape enable old hag is the best way for us to go.  After all, it can pass as a woman.  Then as the drip, drip, drip of e-mails and other Shrilldabeast crimes surface, the Dopes will begin to think, um maybe the lying, plagiarizing national punchline is the best way to go.  Then when Old Slow Joe’s gaffe an hour campaign style becomes tiresome, the Dopes will be back to, well the old lying, thieving hag isn’t that bad.

Trump wins compound straw poll
I’m not pollster and do not play one on TV.  This is interesting to me.  On Sunday I had three friends in the barn.  As we drank a beer, the conversation turned to politics when one guy said, “OK watta you guys think about Trump?”  The first to answer was the guy who posed the question, a college student and son of one of the guys, “I like him. He just says what he thinks.”   The kid’s dad, a previous Obama supporter, chimed in, “He’ll do what he says he’ll do.  That will be different.  Besides, I’m worried about my grandkids becoming a minority in their own country.”  The third guy, a self-employed mechanic said, “He’s like Reagan.  No one is going to mess with Trump.”  For my part, I offered up, “He is driving a very sharp stick deep into the eye of politics as usual.”

Were Charles Krauthammer, George Will and the editors at National Review to join us, they’d have told us how stupid we all were and that Trump is not a true conservative.  I think we all know that, and no one cares.     Neither is he a “true liberal,” and that didn’t seem to bother the previous Obama supporter.  Trump may be able to thread the needle and go all the way.  If he does, watch the pols in both parties and all of the chattering class soil themselves.

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