Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Buy now before it is too late

If you do not already have your arsenal well established, go buy all the guns you are going to need for the eventual revolution right now.  Here’s why:

First, the left is on to demanding “common sense” gun control laws requiring a “thorough background checks” that will include a buyer’s mental health.  As noted in the post below, the very act of wanting to purchase a firearm is good enough for 98% of Demo-Dopes to declare that person insane.

We are living in a world where a man dressing like a woman is considered sane.  But it goes way beyond that.  The rest of us must accept and treat the man dressed like woman as woman or we are singled out as crazy.  A kid can show up to a California high school, and even though every cell in the kid’s body tells us he’s male, he’s allowed to hang out in the girl’s restroom all day because he says he identifies as a girl.

It has gone so far so fast that ESPN singled out a man dressed as a woman for their “courage award” forgoing the real cancer stricken woman who spent her pain stricken last days working hard for her college basketball team so that she could reach her life’s dream of playing in a college basketball game.  She did.  Then she died.  Apparently that effort for the crowd over at ESPN paled in comparison to a guy throwing on a fashionable skirt and some heels.

Then there are the stories every other day where parents are accepting that their children as young as 8 have had their sex mis-assigned by the creator.  These same parents would probably advise their children to wait until they are at least in their 20s to get a tattoo, but they are OK with starting gender reassignment therapy when their kid is 8, and that is deemed “normal” in today’s society, but wanting to buy a sporting rifle is considered off the chart crazy.   

The left is forever using “science” as a club to beat conservatives and Christians on everything from global warm-mongering to homosexuality.  Now they are willing to ignore everything we learned in high school science class to declare that a man is a woman if he says so, and a damned courageous one at that.

The next reason to get out and support your local gun dealer is that the Shrilldabeast has said that she supports a victim of gun crime’s right to sue the gun manufacturer.  I wish I’d known that when smashed my thumb with my Stanley hammer.  I’d have owned Stanley, well at least the Stanley hammer division.  Once the courts get involved, guns will become increasingly more difficult to purchase and own.  I guarantee you the 2nd Amendment will make no difference to unelected and unaccountable left leaning federal judges. 

 Sadly, that includes the Supreme Court.  That court found a right for a mother to kill her unborn child exists in the constitution and that homosexual marriage is not only OK it’s protected under the constitution.  It also found that the town council can appropriate your property so that the mayor’s son can build a McDonald’s on the property for no other reason than the McDonald’s will provide more taxes to the town.

I have no confidence that the Supreme Court will not cave to political pressure from the left on the next gun case – constitution’s 2nd Amendment be damned.

And if you think Rat Republicans will stand up for anything, you are wrong.  The best that you can hope for from this class of cowards is that they will take some sort of meaningless vote to restore the 2nd Amendment after the Dopes have gutted it.  Then they will complain that majorities in both houses of congress are not enough to stop a lawless renegade $h!t stick in the Rainbow House and a tenured for life out of control Supreme Court.

Last, the last bastion of honor and decency in the government is rapidly being eroded by an onslaught of lefty lib thinking.  The US military is condoning child rape in Afghanistan and court martialing anyone who tries to stop it.  The wannbes are rampant lowering standards and ignoring results.  The most important thing to today’s military seems to be support for a diverse force irrespective of the combat efficiency of that force.  If everyone in the unit gets killed because G.I. Jane can’t keep up, well that’s OK as long as the unit “looked like America.”

Hell yes America The Empty Suit is the best gun salesman America has ever seen.  Get them while you can.

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