Thursday, October 29, 2015

The first thing we do, let's kill all of the moderators

About 2 minutes into the show, the moderators should have been shot in the knee one by one, starting with that pompous azz John Harwood.  At the 10 minute mark the other knee of each should have been shattered.  Mid way through, someone with a hatchet should have removed a hand from each.  Their physical dismemberment should have continued  with arms legs and feet at various points.  That is how worthless that crew was. These losers inserted themselves into the debate more often and more inappropriately than I'll have another bowl of Candy Crowley did when that blister bag of blubber hosted a debate.  Even when they were not interpreting, their collective condescending, arrogant and petulant tone was enough to...well make a reasonable person want to shoot them in the knee.  

This is all the RNC's fault.  Why do they allow this happen year after year election after election?

Cruz won.  He's my guy.  Substance apart - which there was plenty of this time around - it's my blog, so he won.  Trump saved the best for last shaming CNBC while at the same time taking credit for in 2 minutes negotiating a 3 hour debate down to 2 hours "so we can get the hell out of here." I also liked Rubio who IDed the MSM as a Shrillda the Hutt super PAC.  Christie looked good.  For the 3rd debate in a row Rand Paul got skunked on time.  Strangely, this tells me the MSM is afraid of him.  Carson was subdued - even by Carson standards.  Fiorina was fine and is Shrillda the Hutt's worse nightmare even as a VP  candidate.  I even like Huckabee in all of these debates.  Big losers, aside from CNBC azzbag moderators, were JEB!, Kasich and Paul.  Paul because he didn't get much time the other two because attacks on other candidates fell flat.   JEB! got leveled by Rubio.  Kasich got leveled by Trump.

Both would have been better advised to save their attacks for the moderators and leave the other candidates alone.

If the Trump candidacy has one redeeming quality, and it has many, foremost will be his exposing of JEB! and running him out of the race.

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Anonymous said...

I think the entire situation has gotten to the point where those of us who remain patriotically committed to the Constitution, and the concept of contributing to society rather than just taking from it, ought to start planning a Guillotine Party to honor the folks who we elected to represent us, but who are not doing so, as well as the K Street assholes who have totally corrupted our government.

Any idea what the going price is for a good, used, guillotine?