Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Defending Huckabee

I'm not a Huckabee fan, but when a left leaning rag uses him to insult everyone's intelligence, even the Huckster must be defended.  The Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette is the left leaning rag.  Here's the letter defending the Huckster:

In its “Weekly Scorecard” column, the JG listed Mike Huckabee as a loser for tweeting “I trust @Bernie-Sanders with my tax dollars like I trust a North Korean chef with my Labrador!  #DemDebate”  The JG drones that “many read” Huckabee’s tweet as racist.  Who?  Communists?  North Koreans?  Who?

Here’s a news flash for the snowflakes at the JG feeling all micro-aggressed by Huckabee’s tweet: It wasn’t racist.  It was true and the truth is what makes it funny.  Fact one: During the Democrat debate Bernie Sanders spoke for 28 minutes.  During that brief time Sander proposed an astounding – even for a socialist/communist – $41. 7 billion in new government giveaways PER MINUTE for a country already $18 TRILLION in debt.  Fact two: Koreans eat dog meat.  That may be an unpleasant and probably unknown fact for the snowflakes at the JG, but it’s true.  Fact three: The very kind of onerous government excess that Sanders champions has led to famine in North Korea. 

So the confluence of Bernie’s reckless spending proposals, Koreans’ appetite for dog meat and the famine in North Korea led to Huckabee’s spot on tweet.  Rather than engaging their brains to argue the merits of Huckabee’s tweet, the snowflakes did what precious snowflakes do when they are unable muster an argument, they breakdown in a hissy fit claiming that they were micro-aggressed by a racist.  Then they take a powder and head for the fainting couch.

The reason Huckabee’s tweet isn’t funny to the snowflakes at the JG is that the whole thing has to be explained to them.  Then they wake up the next day and say to themselves, “Oh, I get it now.”

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