Thursday, October 15, 2015

Demo-Dope heroes are creepy

Some guy at Politico named Ken Vogel called Jim Webb’s mention of killing an enemy soldier who threw a hand grenade at him “creepy.”  I don’t know much about Vogel and if you read his Wikipedia page you have to conclude, neither does anyone else.  The fact that he works for Politico is probably about all anyone needs to know.

Here’s what’s funny, or should I say creepy, about Vogel: I’ll wager the Griffin’s next bonus check that Vogel thinks Ahmed Mohamed - the faux bomb making pain in the azz troublemaking high schooler - is the kind of “hero” American Demo-Dopes can be proud of rather than a real life war hero whose sustained heroic actions in Vietnam earned him the Navy Cross. 

The problem with Dopes is that they have relied on fake war heroes like John Kerry for so long that when a real war hero like Jim Webb shows up, they are very uncomfortable.  After all, Webb was dispatching the very communists with whom Bernnie Sanders and other Dopes shares so much in common.   Yeah, I guarantee that the Dopes on that stage and the crowd watching them and cheering their every socialist/communist word would be a whole lot more comfortable in a conversation with the Commie bastards Webb shot than with Webb.

That, Mr. and Mrs. America, is your new Demo-Dope Party.  All of their heroes, from Mohammed, to the criminal elements of black lives matter crowd, to the Occupy movement, to the Palestinians, to illegal aliens, and on and on are all anti-American.

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