Friday, October 02, 2015

Politicizing gun control

The Empty Suit argued that we should politicize the mass in Oregon yesterday.  Fine, here we go.  Demo-Dopes kill more Americans every year with their hare-brained, pointless, arbitrary, no use, counterproductive guns laws than all of the mass murders in the US since…forever.    

Case in point, Chicago is one of the most heavily regulated cities in the world with respect to can legally own, carry and use a fire arm.  According to the walking excrement smear’s logic, Chicago should be one of the safest places on Earth.  The fact is that you are probably safer holding a Bible meeting in Mosel, Iraq on Friday morning than you are walking a south side Chicago street on Friday night.

Now you can that paragraph and change Chicago to NY, or Baltimore, or Caligula, D.C., or anyone of a 100 other cities with one common denominator – they are all run by  azzweasel Demo-Dopes more interested in feeling good than being good.  While we’re being political, let’s face this fact as well, as long as the rampant murder in Dope controlled cities only involves people of color in poor neighborhoods, TES and his excrement head acolytes running those cites could not care less about how many people are killed and wounded.  That’s the sad political truth.

Case in point, Dope inspired “gun free zones” are killing our children.  The Oregon campus was a gun free zone.  That being the case Mr. $h!t for brains Rainbow House occupant, how in the hell did these people get shot, or the people in the Colorado movie theater, or the VA Tech campus, or the  Sandyhook school etc?  Why in the F__k is Awful Waffle refusing to serve armed military members?   You’d think that they offer them free coffee to sit in their restaurants.  I would, armed security for the cost of a cup of coffee. 

Demo-Dope are lying sacks of crap when it comes to gun control.  They know full well that every one of these incidents requires the perp to break a score of laws.  They act as if, “Well if we just pass a ‘common sense’ law that bans ‘ugly guns’ we can stop all of this.”  My greatest fear as that they pass some idiotic law that bans rifles and handguns requiring mass murderers to start using shotguns.   If you want to cause mass casualties in a crowd start unloading on that crowd with a shotgun.  We should actually be thankful that perps in these shootings prefer to use rifles and inherently inaccurate hand guns.

It’s political and the Dopes are killing our children because even an idiot knows that the presence of weapons in the hands of the law abiding deters crimes.  If it didn’t, there would be no need to arm our police officers with anything more than a camera to a picture of the perp for posting to the Internet to shame him into turning himself in.  Like what happened with TES’s son Michael Brown…no wait.

An armed society is a polite society.  More guns equals less crime.  If you disagree put a sign in your front yard, “This home is certified GUN FREE.”  If you do not have the conviction of principle to do that STFU.  There's a 10,000 more points to be made but I gotta go. 

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