Monday, October 12, 2015

House speaker and "common sense gun control"

Paul Ryan is NOT the guy to be Speaker of the House.  I’d prefer some guy like Denny Hastert without the sex charges and payoffs.  Someone who, when announced, you say to yourself, “Who’s that guy?”  Dave Bratt is very smart.  He beat the then smarmy Rat Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the last round of primaries.  Today, to my way of thinking, Bratt would be a good choice for no other reason than he’s not been in Caligula long enough to have sold his soul…probably.

Now if the media think it’s such a good idea to good idea to go outside of elected House members to find a Speaker, a la the draft Newt for Speaker of the House movement, I’d think they’d be equally thrilled to go outside and grab a guy like Rick Santorum.  Uh no.  They wouldn’t.  Newt is an avowed Republi-Rat squish.  Santorum is more the rock ribbed conservative type.  The key for the Caligula, D.C. ruling class insiders is to get a guy who will continue the GOP effort to go along to get along while they line their pockets and turn the country into a rubbish bin of disparate voting factions. 

But common’ man.  A nation of 320 million people and we can’t find an acceptable Speaker of the House?  How about a national lottery of registered Republicans?  Sounds crazy.  But seriously, could we possibly do any worse than the current mess?

The only good thing I can see about electing Ryan for Speaker of the House is that he doesn’t want the job.  That’s a pretty thin gruel when you happen to think the country is hanging by a thread over an abyss. 

I for one happen to think it’s a good thing, or at least a mildly entertaining thing, seeing the pampered ruling class Caligula, D.C. azzbags sweat like a fat man in Aug at a TX county fair during a jalapeno eating contest.  Besides, the more these rats are thrashing about trying to save their own worthless azzes the less likely they are to screw with us.

Get ‘em while they’re hot
As The Empty Suit mulls over whipping out his pen and phone to enact extra-constitutional restrictions on gun sales, you can be sure of one thing, gun sales will spike through the roof.  Other than one of his “redlines,” I cannot think of anything that has such an inverse correlation to his actions to try to regulate and restrict it than TES’s efforts at “gun control.” 

Lex has already noted that TES is by far and away the best gun sales campaign gun manufacturers have ever had.  By his ham handed response to every gun tragedy, TES has sold more weapons of every variety in the last 7 years than a 100 years of gun ads bought by manufacturers in American Rifleman and other publications that cater to gun enthusiasts.  Way to go TES.  You’re doing a heck of a job.

The left’s long standing argument with regard to its useless “common sense gun controls” is “If it saves one life, wouldn’t it be worth it?”  No.  It wouldn’t.  Reducing seed limits to 20 miles an hour nationwide would save 1,000s upon 1,000s of lives, yet no one takes the effort to reduce seed limits to levels that would increase crash survivability by a 1,000% seriously.

You can also reduce traffic carnage in America simply by eliminating left hand turns.  It’s true.  Since 2012 UPS has eliminated 90% of left hand turns on its driver’s routes.  As a result the company has actually saved time and money and reduced accidents.   Yet no one seriously proposes making most left hand turns in America illegal. 

So as usual and per their feelings about you on so many other issues, on the issue of “common sense gun control” the left doesn’t give one hoot in hell for your life - past the point that it can count on your vote.  Remember this, and it’s very important, when the left talks “common sense gun control,” what they really mean is registration followed by confiscation.  Otherwise they’d be partnering with the NRA to teach gun safety in schools.

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