Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Debate about who will give away the most free stuff

The one guy on that stage last who made any sense at all, Jim Webb, has .000000001% chance at winning the Dope nomination.  What follows pertains to the rest of the field.

The idea that every Dope on stage last night was in a contest to see could out Santa Claus Santa Claus is not what’s shocking.  What’ shocking isn’t that no one on that stage mentioned we cannot afford what we’ve already started because the country is broke – 18 soon to be 20 TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT.  What’s shocking isn’t that one of the leading candidates actually believes that global warming is the most serious threat to America.  What’s shocking is that one of America’s two national parties is now 100% committed to gun grabbing, eco destruction of the economy, everything “free” to everybody paid for by the 1% socialism. 

It’s crazy.  I want a free sporting rifle and might consider voting for someone who said, “Look we need an armed militia more than ever.  I propose giving a man able to carry one an AR 10 sporting rifle.”  I’d like a new truck.  The only thing holding back is paying for one.  So if some bright candidate came along and promised everyone with a compound a new Ford F-150, I’d vote for him.  Listening to that line of loons last night, when they weren’t out right trying to buy votes with your money they were trying to limit your rights and shred the constitution. 

What’s worrisome is that if you promise enough people enough things you can eventually buy 51% of the vote.  The last thing kids who have lived their lives on ice cream, cake and McDonald’s want to be told is that the family is down to Raman noodles and VegAll for dinner.  Mitt Romney was right about a lot things.  Russia, the 47% free loaders who’d never vote him and just about everything else.  So how are any of the Republicans going to beat Santa Claus next year?

It’ll take an out the box candidate.  No.  Make that, it’ll take two out of the box candidates.  Here are my nominees Cruz, Fiorina, Carson, Trump, Rubio – extra, extra long-shot Paul.  Line any two up in any order and make your ticket.    Any other candidate(s) will get trounced. 

Establishment Rats need to understand that they are done.  Now it’s time for them to be the good the soldiers and get behind the party nominee.  It’s always been the establishment Rats who whined and took their ball when they got their azzes whipped.  It happened right here in IN when Lugar was beaten in the primary to Richard Mourdock.  Lugar did not lift one finger to help Mourdock and the seat went to the Dopes on The Empty Suit’s coattails. 

Jeb! Kasich, Gilmore, Pataki et al need to get the big picture.  The Rat establishment of which they are and have been a part all their political life times have finally screwed them.  They are done.  Get out and get behind then new guys.

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