Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bobby Vs. Carely in Indiana, hmm a tough one

Indiana is next on the Republican primary process.  So the Cruzbots got together and “brainstormed” how to blunt the news and effect of the utter and complete double azzwhippin they had taken on Tuesday.  So after two bottles of cheap vodka with rum chasers, one of Ted the tool’s wizards said, “Iha gat it.  Iha gat it.  We annoush are presidential vice canidats.  Shomone one like Curly.  Mosh is too mean.  Larrysh to shtoopid.” 

So the wizards of Ted the tool Cruz smart roll out Carley Fiorian as the tool’s VP candidate – Cruz/Fiorina a onetime Lex dream ticket.  Today it’s a last desperate gasp.  Maybe a second to last desperate gasp.   Given the tool’s unbridled ambition and his extraordinarily high opinion of himself, I’m sure he’s having himself fitted for a suicide vest right now that he plans to wear into the convention.  Then just as the balloons are ready to drop after Trump wins the nomination, the tool rushes the stage, exposes his vest, steals the mic and demands the nomination or he will blow up everyone within a 100 feet.

While the tool was storming Indiana and sharing a stage with Carley, Trump was chuming around with Mr. Indiana – Bobby Knight.  Cruz coming to Indiana with Carley  and Trump showing up with Knight is like your dad coming home to your 8th birthday party drunk with a couple of "buddies" he met at the bar or coming home with a band to play at your party, a new go cart, an electric guitar and tickets to the Super Bowl.   It’s like showing up at the prom with Bella Abzug or showing up with…well…Milani Trump.  So let’s do a quick Indiana handicap: Bobby Knight Vs anyone but the second coming in Indiana…and the winner is…Bobby Knight.

Trump trumps the tool again. 

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