Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Some things to ponder

If Donald Trump’s answer on abortion was so bat$h!t crazy – sanctioning a woman who participates in an abortion – why do we have an Unborn Victims of Violence Act?  It makes no sense to call killing a baby in the womb while committing another crime murder, and killing a baby in the womb at an abortion clinic "women’s healthcare".  

If ISIS destroying antiquities at Palmyra is a crime against the world, civilized behavior and history, what is the current trend on college campuses and the Black Thugs Matter grievance mongering movement’s demand to remove all relics of the South’s participation in the American Civil War from campuses and the public square?  Why is their airbrushed version American history more important than the truth?

If Black Lives matter, why are blacks coming out in droves to support an old hag who was awarded the extreme racist Margret Sanger Award?  Margret Sanger founded Planed un-Parenthood for the express purpose to abort black babies.  Most PP abortion mills are still located poor minority neighborhoods.

If you know that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour does not make economic sense, why in the world would you sign the bill making such an arrangement the law of the state?  Well, according CA Governor Moonbeam, after signing the bill, after admitting it made no economic sense, he opined that work is “not just an economic equation”, it’s “part of living in a moral community”.  It is quite interesting to see how high-minded Moonbeam and other craven pols are willing to be when spending other people’s money.   He fell just short of issuing the old communist axiom: from each according to their ability to each according to their need.  But let’s face it, CA is pretty much off the rails.  Sort of a picture of what the rest of the US will look like if we do not get immigration under control.

If everyone agrees that John Kasich is a delusional loser acting like a spoiled brat for looking to steal the nomination at a contested convention, what is Ted Cruz?  He’s doing the exact same thing except with more delegates.  Cruz may have a window to stop Trump from gaining the 1,237 delegates needs for a first ballot win, but it is unlikely that he will get more delegates or votes than Trump. 

If college sports are played by “student athletes”, why did former T-OSU Heisman winning QB Troy Smith inform police that he had “graduated from Ohio State with a degree in bachelor” when arrested for DUI?  Well, it is The Ohio State University, so maybe Smith does have a degree in bachelor.

If Mooooslims love their children, why do they celebrate when their children blow themselves up in crowded bar or threaten to kill themselves and their children if forced out of Europe and returned to Turkey.  Hopefully they will take their threat literally, and kill themselves first, thinking that then they'll come back for the children.

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