Monday, April 11, 2016

The leftist's revolt against the masses continues with LGBTETJYJHKGBKH "rights"

Barles Charkley AKA Charles Barkley and Bruce Springsteen are all for boycotting NC because of the “unreasonable law” passed by the NC legislature and signed by the NC governor requiring men to use the men’s room in public buildings.  

What?  Moooooslim immigrants won’t be able to walk into the girls shower at the local high school and assault the occupants?  Joey the peep won’t be allowed to expose himself in the women’s room down at the courthouse?  8 time sex offender Slick Willie the grope won’t be allowed to set up a chair in the women’s restroom at the Coliseum during the state high school volleyball championships?   How dare the state of NC be so callous to so many in such desperate need of long-term psychiatric counselling and/or a good ol’ fashion azz whippin’. 

This BS is more of the left’s revolt against the masses.  For the life of me I do not know why NC doesn’t go all Trump on these guys calling them what they are washed up has beens searching in vain for a clue.  When the NFL says they won’t book the Super Bowl in NC, NC should ask them to poll the players on any of these questions:  “Do you want freakish men showering with your wives, daughters, sisters and mothers?”  Or “Do you want the freaky kidnapper from the movie Silence of the Lambs hanging around your sister’s dorm’s bathroom?”  Or, “Will you be willing to remove the all the doors to all the bathrooms in your own home?”  Or, “Should 1/10th of 1% of the population be able to set social norms for the other 99.9%?”

NC Governor Pat McCrory should demand that the NBA and NFL poll their players on those simple questions or STFU.  The NFL, NBA, Barles and the Boss are all pampered swells tying to sound all common man, while knowing full well the BS they push down on the masses will not affect them or their families in any way.  It’s like George Soros and Warren Buffett asking for higher taxes knowing full well they won’t pay a dime.

This is how far down the rabbit hole this society has gone.  Common sense is dead.  The elite want the world turned on its head to accommodate 1/10th of 1 % of the population who are – let’s just call them what they are – freaks.  To wit the standard dictionary definition:  a person who acts or dresses in a markedly unconventional or strange way.

How does the minority cow the majority in this country into going down these BS roads?  It is called a leftist’s revolt against the masses, and thank you fellow Buckeyes for keeping the clueless and narcissistic John Kasich in the running and facilitating that effort.  Kasich sides with the anarchists disrupting political speech in Chicago.  Look here, the dope also opposes anything defending religious freedom or common sense.  He’s a spineless piece of putty.  Make that Silly Putty.

The minority co-opts useful idiots like Kasich to shut the majority up while the leftists Libs destroy the country usually without a whimper from the majority.  Just look a US campuses.  A small but very vocal bunch of anarchist are running the universities.  Look at the unhinged idiot in the Starbucks shouting like a banshee at Gov. Scott.  Now the left is controlling the masses to allow an infinitesimally small percentage idiotic LGBTALGAEYWFVSCN turn social order on its head.  The NFL, NBA , Barels, the Boss and even Pay Pal weigh in on the anarchist’s side and people with common sense either go quiet or like Kasich allow themselves to be used by the anarchists.

If the NBA, NFL, Kasich et al are so supportive of the LGBTVAXlhAVVKHJmn community why don’t they release a joint statement condemning Islam for its homophobic preaching?  That question can be answered with one word – cowards.  Or if you use Slow Joe Biden math – effing cowards. 

Lying douche lies and lies again
The lying sail eared excrement stick occupying the Oval Office of the Rainbow House, you can keep your doc if I like your doc, swore it would take between 18 months and three years to vet Mooooslim refugees from Syria.  Now the lying weasel is going to do the vetting of 10,000 wannbe Islamo-Terror-Fascist in just 3 months.  The walking talking lie machine also insures us that Shrillda the Hutt will receive no special treatment from the DoJ.  We know that is BS or the Hutt would already be in jail.  Remember this is the same sail eared POPS that said there was not a "smidgen of corruption" at the IRS.  All of this more of the leeftist Lib's revolt against the masses with NO push back from anyone on our side.  Hmm, I wonder why Trump is so popular?

Is there anything global warm-mongering cannot do?
Well, here’s an incomplete list

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