Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Flash! Flash!! Flash!!! Ted the tool Cruz is finished

Only the tool and his most loyal Cruzbots at National Review do not know it.  But like all narcissistic self-serving douches who think they are the story, they are more important than the office they seek, they and their hopeless political careers are more important than the fate of the country and their underhanded method of delegate collection is the same as winning the votes of Republican primary voters, the tool tools on.   

Last night the tool might as well have said, “As long as there is one delegate who can bought off with a steak dinner, a convention hotel room, a rental car upgrade or a free tool t-shirt, I will soldier on to advance my own cause, to make my future book deals all that more lucrative, to build my own political slush fund as best I can, to get as much self-serving TV time to preen as possible, to serve myself and my own interests all the way to the convention floor where I will lie, bribe, cajole and threaten to win the Rat establishment Republican nomination so that I can go on to lose the exact same states Mitt Romney lost.”

Next week is the Indiana primary.  I do not know one person voting for Cruz.  I know one guy who will waste a vote on Kasich.  Yeah, that delusional idiot is still in it thinking he's better positioned to swipe the nomination from Trump at the convention than Cruz.  And he wonders why Americans cannot stand 98% of career politicians.

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