Monday, April 04, 2016

ITF & BTM joining forces, hypotheticals & stealing the nomination

Well, well, well look who’s joining forces to destroy America
Lex has repeatedly warned about radical American Mooooslims hooking up with radical Black Thugs Matter, a movement founded on a MSM BS lie about thug Mike Brown deservedly getting his azz shot off in Ferguson, MO.  This story appears to show a NoGO zone is being established in south Dallas. 

What to do?  Well, that’s a thorny issue.  Right thinking people generally have jobs and families to tend to and cannot afford to be out looting all night like those showing up at a BTM rally.  They also, for the most part, eschew joining feral gangs that prey on unsuspecting people walking home from work.  How long do you suppose it will be before shots are fired at one of these things?

So the smart thing to do is arm yourself and buy plenty of ammo.  To the extent those two things can be done without a paper trail the better.  If Shrillda the Hutt is elected the Supreme Court falls and with it the Second Amendment.  Also, it might be smart to vote for Trump to avoid importing more of the problem into America and protect your right to defend yourself.

Dealing with Hypotheticals
Hypothetically, if there were a law against eating Oreos, should there be a hypothetical penalty for people who break the hypothetical law?  Well, yeah - hypothetically.  If there’s a hypothetical law then there has to be some kind of hypothetical sanction against the people breaking the hypothetical law.

Now splain to me exactly where Trump went wrong by hypothetically saying that, yeah, there should be some kind of hypothetical punishment for people who hypothetically break a law hypothetically banning abortion?

How the Rat establishment Republican Party will steal the nomination
Speaking of hypotheticals, the cable news channels are abuzz with more hypothetical scenarios about a contested Republican convention.  The Caligula D.C. ruling class azzbags in both parties have fixed the party nominating process to ensure no outsider ever has a chance.  The Dopes do it with superdelegates wo generally nullify the people voting in primaries.  The Rats are bit more nefarious.  They establish a myriad “rules” that give the appearance of fair play but are set up to ensure the donor class that owns the Ruling Class never get shut out.  If you can wade through it, here’s a breakdown of how Rat’s apportion delegates.  If you can just scroll down and look at all the ways the Rats fix the rules, the only conclusion can be “the fix is in”. 

I used to think the Rat establishment Republican Party would never think of denying the nomination to the guy with the most votes and delegates.  I am now of the opinion the Karl Rove’s of the ReR Party would much rather see the Hutt elected than either Trump or Cruz.  These crumb bums need vanquished or the ReR Party burned to the ground.  Really what has the ReR Party done for voters in last 10 years?  Caved, caved, caved and caved again.  F**k ‘em.   

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