Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The tool, remembering Gary Gilmore, The Empty Suit, ITF assimilatin

Ted the tool Cruz: Rat establishment Republican butt boy
Immigration, trade, building the wall, suspending legal immigration are all issues Ted the tool Cruz turned his “principled conservative” position on dime to match Donald Trump.  Trump’s candidacy has exposed the weasels.  Cruz is one of them.  For me Ted the tool has gone from, I support him; to, I can tolerate him; to, I’ll hold my nose and vote for him; to, I cannot stand the sanctimonious grinning lying POS.  

Another issue that Trump’s candidacy (Sander’s as well) has exposed is the corrupt nature the party nominating system.  The GOP stooges in the choir are all singing the same tune.  The delegates apportioned during last Saturday’s Colorado GOP convention were apportioned correctly and above board.   Uh, no they weren’t.

Above board would be to hold a primary election where people show up and cast a ballot.  The ballots are then counted and delegates awarded according to the vote.  What happened in CO was a BS process whereby party swells voted for a guy, who voted for a guy, who voted for a guy, who picked the delegates.   It is total crap.  I used be a card carrying member of the Teamsters Union.  Their elections were held the exact same way.  Teamsters Local 413 diluted the vote as many times as necessary, got the final vote as far away from the members as possible so the elite could maintain control and pick whoever they wanted.  I imagine election in the old Soviet Union were pretty much the same.  Sure two guys were running, but the party man was the only one who stood a snowball’s chance.

So the party swells, which on issue include Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, can claim that the Colorado results were honest and above board, but what they cannot say is that the result accurately reflects the will of Colorado Republicans.  So what is the goal CO GOP? A) Apportion delegates in accordance to the will of registered Colorado Republicans.  Or B) Create a primary process that, while is totally above board, is so convoluted only the party elite will be capable of navigating all of the traps, gates and hurdles.  The CO GOP chose option B.  Now, they are all saying, “Well you know, the rules were out for everyone to read and follow.” 

The problem for these Rat establishment Republican bastards is that Americans have a great sense of fair play.  We don’t like it when a criminal walks on a “technicality”.  We don’t like it when a cheater wins.  Why don’t like it when Dean Warmer places someone on double secret probation.  Colorado ReR bastards are cheating Dean Warmer types who got over on a technicality that was baked into the Colorado primary cake.

For Ted the tool – STFU about Trump whining about people voting against him.  That is, of course a lie.  The Republican rank and file never voted in Colorado Ted.  

Does anyone remember Gary Gilmore?
The current CIA Director and a former Attorney General have indicated that Trump would have to do is own waterboarding because the CIA and DoJ wouldn’t participate.  Hmm maybe.  Does anyone remember Gary Gilmore?  Gilmore was a murderer in Utah.  He demanded to be killed by firing squad for his crimes.  The state accommodated his wishes.  Before the execution, lefty Libs assured us that the state would not be able to find 6 people willing to pull the trigger to form Gilmore’s firing squad.  When requests went, out the state received over 600 applications.  So Brennen and Mukasey may not be willing to do what may be necessary, but that does not preclude the possibility that others would be.

The Empty Suit guarantees level playing field for Shrillda the Hutt in BI, DoJ e-mail investigation
But only after placing his thumb on the scale of justice by assuring us that the Hutt did not compromise national security, because after all, “there’s secret, then there’s
secret”  don’t you know.

So the UK knows and admits Islamo-Terror-Fascists do not assimilate
Get the word to Dope Homer and Bishop of Ft. Wayne South Bend Diocese - Bishop Rhoades.  I’m pretty sure they will not care about the facts.

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