Thursday, April 21, 2016

Salve owning Demo Dope Party founder Old Hickory out, black Republican woman Harriet Tubman in on $20

Andy Jackson is going to get gone from the $20.  Okay fine another Dope Democrat outted as the racist most in the Demo-Dope Party are today.  Dopes want the founder of the party off the $20 because Jackson was a war hero.  He routed the British and their savage Indian allies in the Battle of New Orleans – a great Country Western song by Johnny Horton.

After his real world experience fighting savage Indians (savage Indians was the precursor the “radical Islamists” of today identifying a radical element within a larger population) who sided with British and rampaged against settlers, Jackson signed the Indian Relocation Act.  EEEGAD!  Jackson was also a slave owning Democrat that supported individual liberty so he had to go.  What do you expect from a party that tears down it’s own history in the South from the Confederate battle flag, to war memorials, to historic statues.  Dopes are the American Taliban or Soviets purging and air brushing history to fit today’s vision of their own party.

Replacing Jackson on the $20 is a black Republican woman, an underground railroader who saved 300 slaves - Harriet Tubman.  Tubman would be a forerunner to the Stump for Trump women I suppose.  So the Dopes pitch one of their own who is an embarrassment to today’s Dope party because he was a war hero who supported individual liberty.  You just cannot have that in today’s dope party. 

So can Republicans be expected to make hay from the juxtaposition of the founder of the Dope Party and an early Republican hero Harriet Tubman?  No.  Can’t do it.  Pointing out the obvious is not something that is in the Rat establishment Republican Party skill set or 90% of black Americans wouldn’t be voting for the party that puts them in chains, literal chains back in Jackson and Tubman’s day and in the figurative chains of today’s welfare state.

If the Dopes were to pick one of their own who would it be, Rachael Dolezal, mental midget Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson (is that racist?) Lee (is that racist?) or this idiot woman who perfectly reflects today’s Demo Dope Party by trashing the founders while receiving 90+K government salary to conduct tours of Independence Hall. 

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