Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ted the tool Cruz got schooled channels Eustace Haney to win nomination.

Ted the tool Cruz  gotta thumpin’.  Doesn’t matter to the tool or his Cruzbots.  See, by the tool’s logic, as long as you are within 5 million or so votes of the front runner, lose less than 49 states and are within 300 or so delegates, you still have a chance to steal the nomination at a crooked as hell convention.  Who thinks like that?  Apparently narcissists, crooks and politicians.  Ted the tool hit the trifecta: a narcissistic crooked politician.  All of this demonstrates one thing, Ted the tool wants this too bad for it to be healthy.  

Here’s a shocker for the tool.  All his pandering to Black Thugs (really don’t) Matter and the Rat establishment Republican Party are pointless.  Black thugs will roll in on you in the exact same manner they are rolling in on Trump.  The only difference will be that the tool lacks the, uh, equipment to deal with it.  And get this tool.  Your ReR buds are going to drop you like a hot rock as soon as Trump is out.  

The tool’s boast of his cleverness in stealing delegates reminds me of the rural con man Eustace Haney from the old TV show Green Acres.  Haney portrayed a lying, cheating, dysfunctional, unscrupulous, unethical but always upbeat shyster.  Haney once tried to sell Mr. Douglass a dead cow referring to it as “corpus delicious”.  “Mr. Douglass, how many pounds can I put you down for?”  “Mr. Haney I don’t want any meat from that cow.”  “Fine, 100 pounds it is.  Let me see, at $2.50 a pound, that’ll be $500 Mr. Douglass.”  “What?  That’s outrageous!  100 pounds at $2.50 a pound is $250, Mr. Haney.”  “Well sure, but when you add in taxes, preparation, seasoning and delivery, it comes to $500.” “Delivery!  It’s already here!”  “Well Mr. Douglass you can clearly see the cow is dead.  It didn’t walk in by itself.  I had to deliver it.”  “Oh for Pete’s sake.”  "Mr. Douglass, if you want it delivered to Mr. Pete Skate's house that'll be another $50." Like Ted the tool’s delegate rustling, Mr. Haney’s BS deals are as shady as they come. 

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