Monday, April 25, 2016

Compound being annexed and other important things

The city of Ft. Wayne wants to annex 23 square miles of ground to its north that includes the compound.  The mayor and swells on the council tell us how great it’s going to be.  I don’t get any water or sewer service.  There are no sidewalks out in compound-ville.  The compound is 1,000 feet from the “curb” that Pulver does not have  because it is not paved.  If the city ever came out here for leaf disposal – which they won’t, I'd have to drag them a quarter of mile to the road.  Nor will they plow the snow that falls on that 1,000 foot easement in the winter.  What the city will do without doubt is raise my taxes for all of the “excellent services” the city won’t provide.  That money will funneled into another of Mayor Henry’s downtown revitalization programs like the bike rental program he started or the Ferris Wheel lights he hung on a downtown bridge.  So I’m working up a letter to express my gratitude to Henry for his warm thoughts of annexing us. 

Americans can no longer stand large portions of their government in part because it is populated by career politicians who occupy a favorability rating right up there with pimps, pedophiles, pornographers.  Career politicians are, for the most part, small people who compensate for their smallness with huge egos, impenetrable hubris and unbound arrogance.

Ft. Wayne is being run by its own political lifer  - Mayor for life Emperor Tom Henry.  Henry spent 20 years on city council before becoming Mayor for Life in 2008.   If you want to know why Americans can no longer stand their government, as demonstrated by the rise of unorthodox candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, you need to look no further than the Ft. Wayne mayor’s office. 

Henry wants to annex 23 square miles and 22,000 residents to the north of Ft. Wayne.  When announcing the annex plan Emperor Henry said, “This growth plan is an opportunity to enhance Fort Wayne’s position as a leader in providing excellent services to residents and businesses.”  Henry went on to say, “We must be proactive and innovative to move our community forward in the right direction as a growing and prospering City where individuals, families and businesses want to be.”  

Uh, the fact that you have to grab the ground against the will of about 70% of the residents is a pretty clear indication that your “services” are perhaps not as “excellent” as your hubris leads you to believe (look at your pathetic high school system).  Your heavy handed anti-democratic tactics to secure the land grab are more akin to the mob and old Soviet Union than anything we are used to as citizens of the US. The fact that the Emperor cannot offer any incentive to a majority of residents sufficient to encourage them to willfully go along with his harebrained scheme is proof positive he is neither “innovative” nor providing a place where a majority of the affected “individuals, families and businesses want to be”.  

Henry assured us that his repellant land grab is not effort to snatch more tax dollars for downtown renewal.  Nonsense.   What’s he going to do put the tax money from the annex in a separate shoe box?  When the Emperor decides to hang another strand of lights on the Clark Griswold (AKA MLK) Memorial Bridge, Ft. Wayne’s own monument to kitsch, he will, like most things apparently, have no idea where the money is coming from. 

When Hitler “annexed” Austria in 1938, he did so under the color of international law citing irredentist interests.  Hitler tried to legitimize the “annexation” by allowing the people a plebiscite on it.  Like all tyrannical land grabbing vermin, Hitler fixed the vote.   I wonder if Henry has the courage of his convictions to let allow the people who are literally being captured by his odious land grab an opportunity to vote on it?

The fact that Ft. Wayne cannot grow based upon the merit of being a “well-managed city” people want to join but rather has to resort to strong armed mob style coercion tells you just about everything you need to know about the annexation and the goons supporting it.

VA felons are now canceling your vote
I think from the first day of posting Lex has identified felons as a major Demo-Dope constituency.  VA Governor Terry the punk McAuliffe has made it official.  The punk restored the voting rights of 206,000 VA felons just in time to tip VA into Shrillda the Hutt’s column this fall.  The Simpsons predicted this would happen.

Hope for Dopes yet
Doctors may soon be able to reverse “brain death”.  After the procedure they'd no longer be Demo-Dopes though would they.

The media lied 
Okay not exactly an Earth shattering statement.  In fact, it’s more like a headline that reads;  Sun maintains perfect record; rises in the east yet again.  As it turns out there were WMD all over Iraq.  It’s just that nobody cared to report it.  So instead of the “Bush lied people died” meme, it should be; The media lied an Empty Suit was elected twice, and now the country is circling the drain.  That does lack the brevity and rhyming qualities of the Bush meme, but the new meme has the advantage of being true. 
Warp speed is a reality
It’s contained in your microwave. Who knew? 

Erff Day is a scam
The UN climate agreement is a bigger scam.  Fun facts on how the greenies can be so spectacularly wrong about nearly everything and yet NEVER get called out by the lapdog media or any pols – Rat establishment Republicans included. Now tell me again why #NEVERTRUMP.  If you lack the time to read the whole thing don’t miss #18 for the biggest laugh.

Not voting against Shrillda the Hutt is treason
For idiots like Glenn Beck who vow not to vote unless their guy gets the nomination, you are traitorous bastards that need to burn inside the 7th ring of hell for eternity listening to a loop of a Mariah Cary high pitch vamp of the middle portion of her somehow hit record Emotion while seated next to the transgendered (AKA weirdo) from the post under if your selfish unpatriotic foolishness leads to the election of Shrillda the Hutt.  Don’t think so?  Read this. So according to the baboon butt ugly spawn of the Hutt and Billbo Billyboy Clinton, it’s a good thing Scalia is dead because now “we can get gun control”.  Nice.

More on bathroom etiquette
I am a firm believer that men should use the men’s room irrespective of how they dress or how they “feel” at any particular moment.  Okay?  Got it?  With regard to NC I do not think the rational response to some reactionary leftist law from a municipality should be another reactionary law from the state.  Ridicule works much better in my view.  Let the people of Charlotte decide the fate of council members who think it’s a good idea to allow, nay, make mandatory Chester the molester’s access to their daughter’s high school shower facility.  

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