Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ted tool's only option: Bow out gracefully

On Rush Limbaugh’s radio show yesterday, Rush justified Ted the tool Cruz’s efforts to take/steal the Republican nomination on a second or third ballot because “that’s the only thing he can do”.  Well, uh, no it’s not.

Ted the tool could realize that Republican primary voters have reject him in a huge way.  After he gets thumped again tonight he could use the occasion of his “I got my azz whipped” speech to admit that…well…he got his azz whipped.  He could tell is supporters that Republican primary voters obviously prefer Trump and gracefully “suspend” his campaign.

He could point out that, while he still believes that he has a path to the nomination, and while that path is totally within the crooked rules as written, that path is outside the will of the Republican primary voters.  That path will, if not totally destroy the Republican Party, so damage it victory in the fall would be impossible.

He could spend a bit of effort trying to unify the party behind Trump to defeat crooked Shrillda the Hutt instead of destroying the party in a totally vain effort to snatch the nomination from Trump.  He could pledge his full support for the presumptive nominee and reconcile by offering to join the ticket if it will help defeat the Hutt or serve as a Supreme Court nominee.

Ted the tool’s only option is not blowing up the party, losing the general election and going down in history as complete self-centered POS more interested in demonstrating his ability at political underhandedness than saving the country from the Hutt.

Trump has won.  Admit it.  A political novice threaded the needle and whipped everyone the Rat establishment Republicans threw at him.  Now, rather than admit the truth, the ReRs are acting like what we’ve always suspected that they were - Dopes in disguise.  They’d rather have the Hutt than anyone outside the ReR Party.

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