Monday, April 18, 2016

What happens when the people get to vote

Ted the tool Cruz is about to find out what happens when people other than Rat establishment Republican buttheads get to vote.  The tool is going to get pounded – I hope.

Unlike Cruzbot Glenn Beck, I will not throw a tantrum and refuse to vote if Cruz’s underhanded BS garners him enough delegates in Cleveland to thwart the will of voting Republicans.  I’ll print up my own bumper stick – “I’m voting for the Republican liar”.  That of course assumes that the Democrat liar will be crooked Shrillda the Hutt. 

There is way too much at stake for hurt feeling this time around.  I just wish the tool would wake up tomorrow and realize that the majority of the rank and file want nothing to with his tired BS and drop out.  There is no way Cruz will win anything Romney lost.  

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