Friday, April 01, 2016

Donald Trump will not be the end of the Republican Party idiots like Karl Rove will

In this piece, Karl Rove advocates for nominating “a fresh face” at the Republican convention this summer.  There can be no worse scenario for anyone who wants a Republican win in November or is looking out for the long-term health of the Republican Party.

How can an experienced political hack like Rove think that nominating a guy that did not receive even one vote during the primary process isn’t going to cause a revolt among the millions of voters who stood in line to get into rallies and vote, and contributed their hard earned Yankee dollars to their candidate?  I think Rove is pushing the “fresh face” of Paulie Walnuts.  In terms us Trumpets can understand, Paulie Walnuts is a loser.

So if not Paulie, who?  Two-time loser Mitt?  Bob Dole?  John McCain?  Alan Simpson? News flash to Karl: There is NO “fresh face” in the Rat establishment Republican Party.  Outsider Donald Trump IS the “fresh face”. 

Trump needs to do something to put this thing away.  I think he ought to consider naming his VP candidate right now.  Newt Gingrich would be my first recommendation.  Jeff Sessions is a close second.  That’s two southern white guys, not optimal ticket balance.  If Rove demands a “fresh face” how about a military guy like retired Marine Corps General Mattis.

Not Chris Christie.  Given the atmosphere on America’s campuses, where coeds are fainting dead away when confronted with a chalk note scribbled on the sidewalk, we probably do not need two loud truth tellers.  Because he pretty much destroyed the ReR field, I do not think there any others from the field of former would-be candidates willing to side with Trump.  Rand Paul would be interesting.  His old man has indicated that’d never vote for Trump, so Rand is probably out as well.

If he could get her, Condi Rice would be the optimal political balance.  Play on her patriotism.  Tell her the country needs her now more than ever.  Tell her it’s her duty to once again answer the country’s call.

Sure she isn’t the most conservative choice in the field, neither is Trump.  Remember the #1 issue is immigration, little else matters. 

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