Monday, April 18, 2016

Yeah, I.m pretty sure that's a baby, but is it a boy or a girl?

Shrillda the Hutt got into trouble for pointing out the obvious but followed up with a mind bendingly stupid statement.  The Hutt stated that what you see in the picture above s in fact a “person”.  Oh my.  That sent the Lefty Libs into apoplectic shock as they shouted “fetus” before fainting dead away.  Then the Hutt went on to say that that person could be destroyed any moment prior to natural birth.  Ruhr roh, big problem for the Hutt and Lefty Libs pretending that their lyin’ eyes keep seeing babies where a fetus is supposed to be.

Well when you look at the picture the word “baby” enters 99.9% of our brains even the crazy Lefty Libs who insist that it’s a “FETUS”!    Well, duh.  But they treasure their sacrament of abortion more than life so they play the Lefty Lib word game where homosexuals aren’t homosexuals but rather “gay” even when they are as a group the least “gay” people around and a baby isn’t a baby when your eyes and brain tell you that it clearly is.

Lefty Libism requires that you suspend your common sense.  When someone tells you their wife just had a baby, what’s the first question?  Girl or boy, right?   Well you insensitive LGBTQPH:OGILGUFGXCKJL hating bastard, that baby’s (or is it “fetus ex utero”?) sex will be determined by however it feels at given moment of its entire life. 

If you want to see how stupid the American university system is making your college age kid, watch this.  These “great thinkers” are willing to accept that a 5 foot something white male is a 6’ 5” Chinese woman.  Kids, common sense is what allows us to distinguish the light at the end of the tunnel from an on coming train.  You all just got run over by a common sense train.  As the tag lie points out, you have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.  The new college standard is being set.  It is better to be PC than it is to be correct.  If your LGBTLGFGHFXCVKJLH professor tells you that only white privilege makes 2 +2 equal 4 and that from now on 2 + 2 equals whatever you want it to equal, well okay then,  Who are you gonna believe, dead white guys or your LGBTUOLVJGCVJLKN  professor?  You'd better get your mind right if you want to survive the PC world.  

The Empty Suit lies again about vetting Syrians
TES and his know nothing are surging Syrian refugees into America.  What could go wrong? What the eff happened to the 18 month to 2 year vetting process?  Well you can count on the Rat establishment Republicans putting a stop to this insanity.  No.  Wait.  You can’t.  Now explain to me again why #NEVERTRUMP. 

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