Friday, April 22, 2016

Trump pivots toward his center

America is circling the drain.  Take the NC bathroom controversy….please.

Donald Trump is right on the bathroom issue.  “Leave it the way it was.”  The “way it was” required men to use the men’s room and women to use the women’s room.  What happened in NC was that a municipality required that facilities could be visited by anyone for any reason.

That’s a definite coup for men.  Finally, access to a clean public facility.  Well, at least until the norm is men using the women’s room because it’s cleaner.  When that happens, both facilities will be equally disgusting.  Vois la! Demo Dope policy in action.  Instead of improving things, Dope’s purpose is to bring everything down to the lowest common denominator.  Enjoy the privacy while it lasts ladies.

So to keep the renegade municipality inline the geniuses at the NC state house wrote a law requiring all facilities in the state be reserved for people of the same sex no matter what Jimmy the peeping tom happens to feel like at any particular moment.  That was dumb.  Let it go.  See what happens.  Maybe nothing.  Maybe a long series of molestations and creepy encounters that would call for action.

What we need to understand is that common sense in America is dead.  Dead.  Dead.  Dead.  It will not be resuscitated anytime soon.  It’s just going to get more and more outrageous.  It’s like your kid insisting he’s dog and wanting to eat on the floor out of a bowl.  Okay fine Johnny.  Eat on the floor out of a bowl.  The fad then fades.  The more you fight it the more Johnny insists he’s a dog.  If he’s still eating on the floor out of bowl past the age of 5 or 6 or for more than a day or two, beat his azz and make him sit in a chair at the table, but only after mocking him.  The NC legislature went straight to the azz beating mode.

Hey look the issue isn’t about transgenders using the bathroom of their choice, particularly for men who generally focus on the writing on the wall when using a public facility and are oblivious to everything else.  The last thing a guy wants is being accused of having a wandering eye in the men’s room.  The issue here is not transgenders but rather a pervert – almost always male – posing as a transgender to gain “legitimate access” to the women’s room or even more disgusting the girl’s high school locker room. 

It’s just going to be one long Some Like it Hot movie until men not so much like Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon and more like the pervert in the picture above start visiting the ladies room.  Only when a real women’s movement gains traction and demands perverts get out of their restrooms will this idiocy end.  The Republican candidate’s response to these gottcha questions is simple, “Well, of course that is a state issue.  State legislatures can do what they believe to be in the best interest of that state’s citizens.  We’re 19 trillion in debt, the laughing stock of the world and have a broken military.  The states can handle this non-issue issue.  For the record, if you have a penis (AKA a dick for you perverts like the one in the picture), maybe you should consider the 99.9% of us with a speck of common sense left and let it hang out in the men’s room.”

With regard to favoring raising taxes on the rich, Trump has a tax plan that’s out there.  I do not really know or care what it actually does to rich people but the highest of the current 7 tax brackets is 39.6%.  The highest of Donald Trump’s 3 proposed tax brackets is 25%.  The devil is always in the details on these things.  But if Ms. Ralph taught me anything about math, it’s that 39.6 is greater than 25. 

Trump is also being heckled for saying that “good” illegal aliens have to go, but hopefully we’ll bring them back legally.  That’s a good coming out position.  The end game will be, “Well, look it makes no sense to send them out to just turn around and bring them back.  Once vetted, like the Syrian refugees, we might as well let them stay.”

No that position doesn’t make me happy.  Send every damn one of them out.  But I’ve always said if you start with 12 million illegal aliens and you manage to deport 7 million, well that’s a start.  And frankly, otherwise law abiding families that have been in the country for 15 years or more due to corrupt and feckless American politicians maybe they ought to be required to pay a fine, back taxes and be issued a provisional green card.  My position on this has never changed.  Secure the border.  Enforce the law.   Deal with "special cases" as they arise in the course of enforcing the law.

What’s going on with Donald Trump is what has gone on with politicians since the two party system came into being, run to the base in the primary then pivot the center for the general.  Trump is looking toward the general.

Oh and on abortion, exceptions for the life of the mother and in cases of rape and incest is a far cry from crooked Shrillda the Hutt's position of killing a baby right up to the point of the crown of the baby's head presenting itself.  

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