Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sure the ReRs are trying to steal the nomination, so what?

I watched a two minute interview yesterday with Donald Trump.  During that short period of time he must have said five times that the Rat establishment Republican Party’s method for awarding delegates in some states was “very unfair, we want to give it back to voters.  If you win the vote, you should get the most delegates.”  That’s pretty good message discipline.  

Ted the tool Cruz and the dumbazzs in the Colorado ReR won a pyrrhic victory in Colorado.  In the process of that victory the wizards of political smart have pulled the curtain back on the ReR BS machine that awards delegates.  The ReR BS machine process for awarding delegates – in places like CO and PA - is a labyrinth (Do you like that word?  Had to look it up a long time ago.  I still remember what it means.) of arcane waist deep sewage and filth. 

Trump has identified it as such.  He has tagged it as unfair, words every American can understand, and offers a solution that is nearly impossible to argue against if you are interested in an open process with a representative outcome: Let the people vote.  Award the delegates according to the vote of the people.

Trump says he wants the voters to decide.  What’s Ted the tool and his ReR handlers response?  “Well you know the rules for the 57 meetings potential delegates must attend before being permitted to run as delegate at the sub-precinct level have been known to everyone since Donald Trump first entered the race and we decided to oppose him.  Everyone knows, that if you get 52% of the vote at the sub-precinct level - including at least a plurality of women of color, 2 Mooooslims, a Jew and the precinct captain  – you are then eligible, but not guaranteed, to move onto the pre-precinct level of delegate selection where it gets a little tricky, but everyone knows the rules.  Right?”  

Dicks like Ted the tool and ReR chief dope Rinse and repeat Priebus cannot win this.  It’s too obvious what’s going on.  The Cruzbots may think, “Hey we got the delegates”, but that’s a short sighted view.  The convention is going to blow up if Trump wins more votes, more states, more delegates awarded by the vote and somehow comes out on the short end.

Ted the tool can argue that he has out hustled and out organized Trump so he’s the best nominee.  YGBSM.  Organization trumps the votes of the people in an election year?  Also consider that Ted the tool is organizing with other people’s money.  Trump is organizing with his own money. Ted the tool may be perfectly willing to spend millions of dollars that are not his own to hire scores of Cruzbots to go to the 57 pre-delegates meetings in Colorado.  Trump doesn’t know that many people with nothing better to do.

Trump is actually correct.  The system is being rigged against him.  Read all about it here.  The trouble for Ted the tool and Rinse and repeat is that in Colorado they overreached and now it’s way too obvious to anyone with a brain that the system is rigged.   Had they had the discipline to take just 80-90% of the delegates it might not have been such a big deal.  But the dopes got greedy and took 100% of the delegates and now have created a firestorm that has exposed their dishonesty.

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