Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ted the tool Cruz followed the rules that were set up to benefit him

The Rat establishment Republican pundits are all chiming in that Ted the tool Cruz “followed the rules”.  All that says in my book is that the ReR rules are a sham or worse, a concoction of BS laid on the people like the stranger in High Plains Drifter lays arbitrary rules on the people of Lago.   Why does the stranger do it?  Well it turns out that the people Lago deserve it, but it’s done mostly just because the stranger can.

But do not take my word for it.  Watch and see the definition of BS here, or read about it here.  Now does anyone thinks this is the way a democracy is supposed to work?  Yes I know – Representative Democracy, but aren’t the “representatives” supposed gain their positions through legitimate elections of the people?  Can anyone look at those pieces on the process that took place in Colorado and call it “legitimate”?

So yeah, Ted the tool followed the rules.  The rules specifically set up to benefit him.  In that regard the Colorado ReR Party looks more like a mob organization than an American political party.  The big difference is that even the mob has a “code” that mobsters understand.  The ReR Party weasels have no such “code”.  We’ll see what happens when people are allowed to vote next week.  Something tells me when the votes are counted and Ted the tool finishes 3rd, the Count Chocula look alike will be forced to abandon his smug BS man of the people act. 

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AF Bro said...

The GOP caucus in NV is a sham involving complex, arcane rules that give you the false impression that your vote counts, when in fact only the votes of elite establishment players count. In CO, the GOP glitterati simply straight-lined the sham process by eliminating the step that gives you the illusion that your vote counts. In the end, the result is the same; country be damned, the establishment swells in both parties select the candidates that will keep the Caligula gravy train rolling.
AF Bro