Friday, April 15, 2016

Fixing the primary process

Well now that Lex has exposed the Rat establishment Republican Party delegate selection rules as having more clauses and BS than Sheldon and Lenard’s roommate agreement on the Big Bang Theory, what to do about it?  The primary process is supposed to serve as a method of allowing party voters in individual states and regions of the country to get to know the candidates up close and personal ahead of the general election.

Here’s what needs to happen.

All states are required to hold primary elections.  No more caucuses, state conventions, party parties, 32 secret meetings before getting your name on the slate at the pre-precinct level or Ouiji Board selection of delegates by the ReRs.  Open free and fair elections will determine delegate apportionment.

No "unbound delegates" or the ReR method of thwarting party voters and tipping the primary scale toward the ReR candidate. 

Winner takes all Vs. proportional allocation.  A good case can be made for either method.  The Electoral College is, for the most part, winner takes all.  States should allocate delegates in the same manner that they allocate Electoral College votes.

Primaries should be on a regional basis to allow candidates to move around the states in play with relative ease and low cost.  Iowa and New Hampshire need to be removed as the early candidate killers.  Throw those states in with 5 or 6 other regional states to test a candidate’s regional appeal rather than their undying support for ethanol or their ability to wear and look good in a plaid shirt.

These are things that need to happen – at a minimum.  The observation that the parties are “private” organizations and therefore can fix the party rules any way they wish is total BS.  As long as the states are subsidizing the primary election process, i.e. the people footing the bill, the people have a right dictate the rules.  Rinse and Repeat Priebus and the other ReR bastards can go to hell.  They have proven they are more interested in maintaining insider Rat bastard power than reflecting the will of Republican voters. 

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